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What Led Me to Life Coaching by Annette Shaw

What Led Me to Life Coaching by Annette Shaw

My interest in personal development goes back a long time. It all started after I went through my divorce and life seemed to fall apart around me. It was when I bought a copy of The Big Issue from a homeless girl and in the ad section was an advert for a Louise Hay workshop.

I rang the number, had a long conversation with one of the organisers and booked myself onto the workshop not knowing what to expect. As the workshop was still a few weeks away I decided to find out a bit more about Louise Hay by buying the book You Can Heal Your Life. I credit this book as being the beginning of a fascinating journey about self-help, personal development, human potential and self-love. At the same time, I helped a homeless girl by buying a copy of the Big Issue. This was about 20 years ago, and I really hope she has managed to turn her life around. It is all about give and take, isn’t it?

Since reading You Can Heal Your Life several times, and attending more Louise Hay workshops I explored various schools of thought from Feng Shui, Angel Connection (not just an experiment now part of me), Law of Attraction, Reiki (I even became a Grade II Reiki Healer) and most recently the Hero’s Journey (I am incorporating this into my life, this is not just an experiment). All of these have love at their centre and without love nothing is going to work.

While I was exploring I heard about life coaching and was not sure what this meant. I met various people who were life coaches, found out more about it and thought it was fascinating. I had also experienced some life coaching myself and found it very beneficial.

Life was going through its ups and downs and I really hit crisis point when I was bullied at work. My self-confidence and self-worth hit rock bottom and I became very depressed. Luckily, I was helped by a local mental health charity in Oxford where I live, and they helped me to regain what I had lost. It was while I was going through the recovering process from depression I decided I wanted to become a life coach and specialise in helping people who have been victims of bullying. I had a desire to help others who had been through the same nightmare that I had been through.

My desire to become a life coach sent me on another journey. I went to some open days of different organisations and I started a distance learning course as this was the most affordable option at first. The distance learning option was quickly abandoned because, although I did well initially, drawing diagrams was not what I imagined I had to do to achieve this dream. So, I lost my motivation to carry on with this particular course, but I never lost my motivation to become a life coach.

When funds became available I signed up with Animas as their ethos was very much in line with mine. Their humanistic, person-centred approach was exactly what I had been looking for. I have now completed my first module of foundation which I thoroughly enjoyed. I very quickly found people who agreed to be my practice clients and now have 6 clients which I am coaching through their various issues to log my 40 sessions. I really am so excited about the upcoming modules, and furthering my coaching journey.

When everything seemed out of reach, I never gave up on my dream of becoming a life coach. I am grateful that I have now started this exciting journey. I am already seeing results not only in my coaching clients but in myself and how I am changing as a person.

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