What is the DTC? Diploma In Transformational Coaching

17th November 2018

Animas is unique in the UK for offering a Diploma in Transformational Coaching (DTC). We have specifically designed and tailored a high-level qualification for those wishing to work as a transformational coach, ensuring it is accredited within the industry.

Why a Diploma in Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching is the next generation of coaching. It builds on the foundations of all previous coaching ethos’s, including life coaching and business mentoring, but elevates it to a transformative level. A transformative coach doesn’t only work on pre-defined goals and outcomes, but works to transform the client at a base level to facilitate sustained growth. For more information on why transformational coaching is the way forward, read our blog post here.

As coaching is a self-regulated profession, it is imperative to choose your route to becoming a coach, and specifically a transformational coach, carefully.

By achieving a Diploma in Transformational Coaching accredited by the primary coaching professional bodies in the UK, the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Association for Coaching (AC), you gain a worthy and recognisable qualification. Beyond this, you gain the specific skills and practice needed to provide value as a transformational coach to your clients.

Does the DTC Train You to be a Particular Type of Coach?

Transformational coaching is a holistic approach. As such, the DTC aims to give you firm foundations to be able to practice as a coach in whatever field you choose. The DTC can be seen as an umbrella qualification under which you can coach as a life coach, executive coach, or internal coach. It is also the springboard from which you can specialise. The skills and knowledge learned are never wasted, and always applicable – however, you choose to use them upon qualification.

The Nature of the DTC

The Diploma in Transformational Coaching is an in-depth study combining a multitude of different training and learning methods. You are the driver of your own learning and can choose the right timeframe for you, but as a guide, the Diploma takes around five months to complete. Candidates learn through a mixture of live training, online learning, and off and online support.

The Content of the DTC

All of the content of the DTC is framed within the context of understanding an individual’s personal paradigm. This is an individual’s core beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviour. From this comes the ability to achieve our goals and desires. This is where we see growth and change.

Therefore, the different modules of the DTC take an integrative approach whilst learning at the cutting edge of developments in coaching. This is only possible with a strong emphasis on balancing theoretical teaching with practice.

The content of the DTC specifically covers:

  • Core coaching principles and skills
  • Person-centred theory and practice
  • Solution-focused coaching approaches
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Transactional Analysis Coaching
  • Narrative Coaching

This is within the 5 primary modules:

Foundations: an introduction to key principles in coaching and basic practice.
Cognition: the theory and practice of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.
Presence: building awareness and quality into your coaching practice.
Transactions: an exploration of relationships and Transactional Analysis.
Paradigms: the concept of a person’s world-model in both conscious and unconscious forms.

Support with the DTC

We aim to grow valuable coaches. This is only possible through a carefully-planned framework of support which runs alongside the DTC. All course attendees benefit from fantastic support from the Animas community. This includes your own Personal Coaching Mentor, weekly online supervision (for 18 months, even after you qualify), weekly observed practicums, our exceptional Online Community Zone and Interactive Forum, as well as a first-class study pack with course specific books and your own learning journal.


Given the nature of the coaching industry, it is imperative that any coaching qualification is appropriately accredited. The Animas DTC is accredited by both the ICF and the AC. The Diploma is recognised as providing 123 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours which is, in fact, more than double the required amount for accreditation. In addition, it is accredited with the AC which is the UK’s largest professional body for coaching.

Want to Find Out More?

If this excites you then we’d love to have you on board! You can apply to enrol and find out more here, or sign-up for a free introductory day.

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