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Sarah Speziali – Combining Therapy with Creative Coaching

Sarah Speziali – Combining Therapy with Creative Coaching

Sarah believes in the power that working as a coach at a ‘micro’ level in supporting youth and adults to cultivate wellbeing and find meaning in life, has on a ‘macro’ level in today’s society. The ripple effect that one person’s empowerment can have on his or her environment is what drives her work forth.

In her practice, she brings a blended approach of life coaching and creative therapies, rooted in empathy, mindfulness and creativity.

Sarah is currently focusing in the educational sector, fostering confidence and resilience working with students in secondary schools and in higher education. She has over 10 years’ experience facilitating individuals and groups in broadening their comfort zones and develop their intuition and insight.

Sarah has taken on various leadership roles working within educational charities and social enterprises. In her roles, she focused on nurturing innovation and collaboration, while striving for excellence in promoting a positive social impact.

Since 2011 she has been pioneering teacher training courses in Europe, connecting teachers around the theme of best practices and holistic approaches to human development and learning.
Finding links between different cultures, educational methods and therapeutic applications inspired her to use creativity as a universal language to help people connect to their potential and embrace life’s challenges.
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