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Poems for the Coaching Journey by Ross Nichols

Poems for the Coaching Journey by Ross Nichols

I had been musing for a while on my use of poetry in my coaching practice.  For most of my life, poetry largely passed me by.  I had childhood favourites and I still recall some poems I enjoyed while studying English at school, however these were more about rhyme or story telling than finding meaning or feeling the poem…

After a difficult period in my life and my transition to coaching, I began to find real insight and power in some poetry: the whole is somehow greater than the sum of the parts in a way I don’t yet understand.  I share poems with my clients, which they often find helpful, matching a poem to their situation using my intuition.
On waking yesterday, my thoughts turned to how I might give a talk about the use of poetry in coaching to my local coaching circle.  Before I knew it, I had started writing a poem in my head.  I fetched pencil and paper and here are my first ever poems.  I hope they help you on your journey.

A Familiar Stranger

Two dull lifeless eyes looking back at me,
A familiar stranger in my bathroom mirror.
No answer to my question, ‘Who are you?’
My sense of self is shattered.I am numb with ….what?

Never have I felt so lost and alone.
Yet here I am wherever this is,
Adrift with no anchor and no sailsIn this unknown place.
This is where my journey begins.

On Being

What does it mean to be, not do?
How can you finally be more you?
How do you find a life that you love?
How do you find a way to choose?

Questions, questions, is where it starts,
Questions to open your heart,
Open your heart and let light in,
This is where your journey begins.

Is it so simple, simply to be?
Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
Take your time to know yourself,
Listen and feel for your inner voice.

The road may be long and tough,
Yet this is a journey to love,
Love for yourself, love for others,
This is what really matters.

What is the secret, how do you start,
To find a way to open your heart?
Sit still and simply be you,
See what comes up and embrace it in full.

This is your way, your truth, your light,
It comes from within, no need to fight.
Yes, courage is needed to face your fears,
And facing them brings a power to heal.
So, let go of others’ voices,
Simply be you,
It’s your life,Who are you?


Ross Nichols

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