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New Beginnings: Animas for Social Impact

New Beginnings: Animas for Social Impact

This feels like a big moment for us!

There comes a time in any business when, having reached a certain level of success and stability, you can turn your eyes away from only looking after your core service and ask yourself what you stand for outside of that and what difference you want to make. It’s a moment of powerful reflection, meaning-making and decision.

That’s where we are as a school and, for us, that means making a big impact with our community of coaches.

With over 900 coaches having trained through Animas now, we are committed to finding partnerships with charities, social enterprises, education, local authorities and more to create a social impact. We believe that coaching can be used to help people across all parts of society.

Coaching is such a powerful tool for change and, whether conducted with individuals or with groups, the changes that occur create ripples that become swells.

Our aim is that Animas becomes known as much for, if not more, the impact it makes with coaching for social impact as it is for being a school of coaching. As we begin to set in place the steps to expand to America, Australia and parts of Europe, we are excited to see how we can begin to have an impact locally, nationally and internationally.

And as our projects grow, we’ll be documenting them online at our main site and in social media so keep your eye open for some great stuff!

If you know of organisations that wold benefit from free or low-cost coaching, we would love to hear from you.

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