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Is Training Necessary to Become an Effective Coach?

Is Training Necessary to Become an Effective Coach?

Generally speaking, clients will favour those with relevant and trustworthy life coach training and qualifications, so you may well struggle to get clients without them. Then there is the question of effectiveness. Many people possess the skills and aptitudes, and even experience, which will help them become a life coach. Very few will know how to use and direct those skills and aptitudes into the myriad of life coaching scenarios with the broad types of individual clients.

It’s therefore arguable that life coach training is absolutely fundamental to becoming a reputable and effective coach who facilitates change.

Therein Lies the Problem

However, realising that life coach training is essential to becoming an effective coach is one thing. Getting suitable training in a profession which is unregulated is another. Just as you could set up shop as a life coach without training, training courses can, and unfortunately are, offered in an unregulated way. That leaves you facing a conundrum – how do you ensure you choose the right training courses?

Life Coach Training – The Solution

The good news is that whilst there’s no absolute regulatory body for coaching, it is actually a very successfully self-regulated profession. There are a number of professional coaching authorities and bodies. These bodies ensure that, through membership and accredited training programmes, there is self-regulation in the profession. They offer high-level training to ensure clients are well-served.

In the UK the two bodies which you particularly want to look into are the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC). By choosing a course which is accredited by one, or both, of these bodies you can rest assured that the central tenet of your training will be about effectiveness. Effectiveness is what will ensure you to feel confident that you are delivering a valuable service. Long-term, effectiveness is a powerful driver when building a client base.

However, once you start your research into ICF and AC accredited training courses you may begin to panic a little. Typically these courses tend to come in at around £8,000. That’s an awful lot of money to invest before you know whether or not coaching is right for you.

Life Coach Training – The Animas Solution

That’s why we’ve come up with a different model of training. We make sure it goes above and beyond in the accreditation stakes (in fact we go for over double the recommended standards). We make sure our coaching is within the ‘transformative coaching’ model as we know this creates the most effective coaches. But, we deliver it in a flexible and modular form that works around your current life.

This means you can grow and develop as a coach on your own timeline without breaking the bank. At the end of the day, you’d still qualify with an ICF and AC accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching which will ensure you have the skills and experience to practice as an effective coach.

Furthermore, knowing that even the first steps towards selecting a training course can be daunting in this unregulated profession, we’ve come up with a solution to that too. We want you to feel confident that our life coach training is for you before you commit. To enable this we periodically offer a free Introductory Day to our courses, and to transformative coaching, in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin. This way you can really see for yourself what your chosen training will deliver.

Don’t just choose to coach. Choose an effective coaching course.

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