Coaching Creatively – Animas Summit 2017

17th November 2018

Think Life Coaching is JUST about helping people to overcome their challenges?

Think again!

In this video, you will hear from four qualified Animas students that have ripped up the “rule book” when it comes to running a conventional coaching practice…


Romans Ivanov – Coaching, Retreats and Travel

Romans is an entrepreneur who co-founded a travel agency “Travel in Vision” that provides wellness retreats, historical trips and eco holidays with the global vision to connect people and organisations through life-changing travel experiences. He also runs a coaching and consulting business where he partners up with start-up entrepreneurs and skilled professionals to help them launch and monetise business and creative projects. l

Fawzia Beekhum – Coaching and Therapy in Harmony

Fawzia is an Integrative Psychotherapist, transformational life coach, project coordinator, and a registered clinical supervisor. With over 12 years’ experience in the field of psychotherapy, she is a leading authority in the field of Gender Sensitivity. Fawzia is the founder of ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ through which she provides psychotherapy, coaching services and workshops.

Bronwyn Nash – A Trip on the Magic Roundabout

Bronwyn trained with Animas in 2014 and is the founder of Magic Roundabout Coaching. With an 18-year career supporting personal growth and development, she works with groups and individuals locally, nationally and internationally who are ready to create the next chapter in their lives.

Vikki Coombes – The Flight of the Hummingbird

Vikki is the queen of Hummingbirds – she has lived in 11 cities across 3 countries, enjoyed 20 jobs across 5 careers and tried new experiences across 45 countries so far. Vikki coaches those who are driven by their curiosity to pursue their ever-changing varied interests to be successful on their terms.

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The Three Ages of Coaching | Sam Chambers

Coaching explained

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