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Coaching as Transformational Dialogue: Nick Bolton

Coaching as Transformational Dialogue: Nick Bolton

Sitting between traditional coaching and classic talking therapies, Transformational Dialogue creates a space for a truly collaborative enquiry on what it is to be human and to live one’s life with all its paradoxes, tensions and complexities.

Transformational Dialogue is a courageous, challenging, compassionate, provocative, humorous and wholly authentic way of engaging in change work.

Themes explored include:

  • Compassionate courage
  • Facing uncomfortable realities
  • Naming the unspoken truth
  • What is and what might be
  • Questioning with vs questioning of
  • Provoaction, humour and radical challenge
  • Embodied unknowing
  • Unattached wisdom and intuition
  • Authenticity over “techne”
  • Embracing the full scope of dialogue

Many of these themes will be familiar to coaches and therapists alike and yet each will find something that “feels” a little different, that pushes them to embrace a truer more fully collaborative approach to the person and dialogue in their work.

Where coaching has traditionally lent itself to focused journeys around outcomes, therapy to healing and counselling to unburdening and being heard, Transformational Dialogue sets out to explore how people are making sense of their life and circumstances with its truest end being courageous self-awareness and choice.

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