Applied Neuroscience:
Advanced Skills for Coaches

This highly interactive course teaches coaches the neuroscience behind effective coaching, decision making, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication, leadership and more. Half-theory and half-practice, the course focuses on explaining the “why” behind human behaviour and expands the awareness of effective coaching. Rooted in the latest neuroscience perspectives, insights, and ideas will provide coaches with research-based practical tools and techniques immediately applicable.

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Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by trainer and creator of our brand new course: Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Coaches, Bruna De Palo, PCC.

Robert and Bruna dive into neuroscience, what it can offer us in the coaching space, as well as exploring Bruna’s background as a brain-based leadership and career coach. Bruna shares what you can expect to take away from the course, the learning that’s covered, as well as all of the details around number of sessions, start date, structure, not to mention an early bird offer for the first intake!

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To find out all about this course and ask any questions you may have, come along to one of our live Q&A sessions with the course developer and trainer Bruna de Palo, who will be joined by Marcus Stone.

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Thursday 29th July: 11:30AM – 01:00PM

How this course will enhance your coaching practice

By having a clear framework of how the brain, the nervous system and human behaviour are interconnected, coaches feel more confident in handling complex situations and expand their credibility with demanding clients. On their side, clients love to learn in everyday life and straightforward, relatable terms how their brain functions and how they can think better, improve their productivity and feel great. Hence, the course also provides coaches with practical frameworks to teach them how they function.

The latest neuroscience discoveries will show you why specific tools and models work and help you discern them from the well-known yet outdated and unhelpful ones, helping you build a solid reputation as a coach while increasing your effectiveness, credibility and impact.

Each of the six modules in this coach programme will focus on a different aspect of your coaching journey:

  • Module 1 – Neuroscience of Effective Coaching
  • Module 2 – Communication and Leadership
  • Module 3 – Productivity and Balance
    Module 4 – Motivation and Change Management
    Module 5 – Emotional Intelligence
    Module 6 – Coaching with the Brain in Mind

To get to know Neuroscience for Coaches Programme in more detail, explore the sections below to dive deeper into the details of the course.

Module 1 : Neuroscience of Effective Coaching (Intro)

Brain Discovery and Human Behaviour | The Nervous System Module 1 teaches you the key parts of the brain and the nervous system, what they are responsible for, and their impact on human behaviour. You will explore the concept of neuroplasticity and its impact on change management. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain how the brain works in simple, clear and everyday-life relatable terms so that clients can easily understand and own how they function and why they behave in a certain way.
  • Identify what region of the brain is in action in specific situations and confidently choose the proper tool/technique to help the client address the problem.
  • Use a new lens immediately to correctly interpret the why behind certain behaviours and get a greater understanding of your clients context.

Module 2 : Communication and Leadership

Effective Coaching | Enlightened Leadership Module 2 teaches you the neuroscience of communication, how thoughts and habits are generated in the brain, and how the right balance of hormones helps create a mental state that produces insights and collaborative communication from a coaching and leadership perspective. At the end of this module, you will be able to:
  • Use the SCARF model in different contexts, from providing effective feedback to understanding what may have triggered certain behaviours and take the right decisions.
  • Identify the SCARF dimension that is troubling the client and use the model to help them reflect on alternatives and make brain-friendly adjustments.
  • Help clients become better leaders by developing a communication style that generates insights and maximises collaborators’ brainpower.

Module 3 : Productivity and Balance

Mental Energy Management | Connecting Productivity and Health Module 3 teaches you how our mental energy works, how to reduce and handle stress and how to develop a healthy mindset that increases your clients’ wellbeing. By learning the neuroscience of productivity, you will learn how to help clients improve their focus, impact and effectiveness. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe how our mental energy works and apply the tools and techniques that help clients optimise their energy.
  • Motivate clients to apply the changes needed for internal balance by making them aware of what happens in their body when they off track and use a multidimensional tool to help them make the changes required.
  • Utilise and teach the internal coherence technique to help clients make brilliant decisions under pressure, recover from stressful situations, and control their mental state when frozen.

Module 4: Motivation and Change Management

Neuroscience of Motivation | Change in Action Module 4 teaches you the neuroscience of motivation and decision-making, enabling you to support your clients in making significant changes and stay motivated throughout the journey. You will learn a science-based way to set goals that stick and keep your clients on track. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Apply a brain-friendly goal setting strategy that optimises brainpower exploiting how the reward dopamine circuitry works.
  • Use the reticular activating system to help clients expand their perspective and commit to change.
  • Apply a neuroscience-based decision-making process that encompasses values, emotions, rational thoughts and generates commitment.

Module 5: Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence | EQ in Action Module 5 teaches you the neuroscience of emotional intelligence, exploring how emotions work, how they relate to the brain and their role in our daily life. You will learn how to help clients increase their emotional intelligence, beat their resistance, deal with negative emotions and increase intuitive intelligence. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Help clients develop Emotional Mastery developing empathy, and expanding their understanding of their and others’ emotional states.
  • Apply and teach the self-regulation technique to help clients make sense of their internal state and bring it back under control when they feel overwhelmed by negative emotions.
  • Support clients in winning their fear and resistance to change by showing them what happens in their brain when they leave their comfort zone and providing a helpful technique.

Module 6: Coaching with the Brain in Mind

Coaching with the Brain in Mind | Taking Care of the Brain Module 6 teaches you how to structure a brain-based engagement that encompasses all you have learnt throughout the training and how to make the most of your clients’ brainpower. You will also learn how to take care of your brain and inspire your clients to commit to practices that reduce age-related cognitive impairment. At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Create a coaching development plan that maximises your clients’ brainpower and energy, motivating them to stick to their goal throughout the whole journey.
  • Hold a coaching session where you blend your coaching style with the insights, frameworks, tools and techniques learnt during the training.
  • Motivate your clients to take care of their brain in their daily life to ensure long-term effectiveness, wellbeing and high levels of mental energy.

It is very easy to become isolated when training virtually, so with this in mind we have created multiple support mechanisms built into the coach programme to make sure that you maintain your wellbeing and feel part of a growing and learning community.

Virtual Study Pack
  • Practice Groups
  • Active Learning
  • Private Groups

Practice Groups

During your training you will create small practice groups, where you will come together to practice and support each other on your learning journey. This is where you will be invited to practice your coaching in triads so that you are able to learn through each other’s feedback and coaching approaches.

Active Learning

We encourage independent learning throughout the course and will provide a recommended reading list that we hope will deepen your knowledge and understanding. The additional reading will support and frame the topics covered and enhance your learning journey throughout.

Private Community

The Practical Neuroscience for Coaches Course will also have it’s own dedicated group on Facebook, where you’ll be able to share ideas, test your skills on practice clients and connect with other coaches.

This accredited certificate will be gained through the attendance of the training and participation in the practice groups.

In order to graduate you’ll need to have completed attendance of at least 80% of the live classes.

You will gain 36 hours of CCE units as a result of completing the course.

To benefit from this course you will have ideally completed a coaching programme in which you understand coaching principles and have actively practiced these skills. If you are interested but do not fall under this category, you are welcome to join our Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

Total Course Fee: £1,950 inc. VAT / €2,145.

Payment Options


Pay a 500 GBP deposit to secure your place and pay the rest of the balance before the course starts.


Pay with three monthly instalments of £600 / €660.

Bruna De Palo

A Co-Active®Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), NLP practitioner, member of the British Neuroscience Association and the International Coaching Federation, she teaches her clients how their brain works and behaviour interacts so that they can increase confidence, self-control and balance….

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Bruna De Palo
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