Discover How You Can Become a Transformational Coach at our FREE Introductory Day in Manchester

If you’re interested in training as a coach, why not join us for a free introductory day in Manchester and discover the Animas difference.

Spare one day to make the right choice for your coaching journey.

In a small group of around 20- 30 people, you’ll explore what transformational coaching is and how you can practise as a coach. You’ll discover how coaching differs from related practices and the theoretical underpinnings that support it. Finally, you’ll explore how you might develop use coaching in your work or to develop a business doing what you love in the workplace or independently.

The day is completely free and booking your place is easy – just choose the date you want to attend and submit your details on this page. We’ll then confirm your spot right away by email.

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A Day to Discover Transformational Coaching

By the end of this fascinating introduction to coaching, you’ll have explored and discussed:

  • What coaching is and why it’s so powerful at enabling change.
  • How coaching differs from other change approaches such as mentoring and therapy.
  • How coaching creates change and the levels of change in coaching.
  • The psychological theories that sit behind coaching and how they influence your practice.
  • What we mean by transformational coaching and how it’s moving traditional coaching forward.
  • The kinds of issues and challenges you might help people explore and overcome.
  • The five main career pathways open to you after qualification, and which might be right for you.
  • The different kinds of coaches and which might suit you – from life coaches to corporate coaches and everything in between.

Get to know Animas

You’ll also discover everything you need to know about Animas to make sure we’re the right place for your coach training, including:

  • The values that underpin our coaching and learning practices.
  • Why we’re called Animas and why we’re so passionate about transformational coaching.
  • How our Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching is structured
  • What you’ll learn on the diploma and how each element works to make you a confident coach
  • How you can join us with a special offer that supports you to create an independent coaching practice

Times and Location

The Introduction to Transformational Coaching runs from 10.30am until 4.30pm to ensure you can explore the topic in detail.

The Introduction takes place at: Holiday Inn Manchester City, 25 Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3AE

Can’t make it to an Introduction?

We understand that not everyone can spend a day at one of our introductions to coaching and to our course. That’s why we have made all the information you need about our programme easily accessible and available on our website. You can also watch videos of Nick presenting at the Introduction to Transformational Coaching here.

And, of course, we’re very happy to chat with you about any questions you might have, simply call us on 0330 900 5555.