The Animas Professional Credentialing Programme

With professional credibility becoming evermore important in the coaching world, achieving high-quality coaching credentials is a vital step in your journey. This course is tailored to support you to gain your credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF) or Association for Coaching (AC).*

No coach-training course automatically gives you credentials: Credentialing is always based on an individual application and, unless you have completed a full ACTP programme, you will most likely need to meet further requirements over and above your training. For ICF credentialing, this includes logged coaching hours, passing an assessment, and being mentored by an ICF-approved mentor.

One possibility is to find an approved mentor of your own. But whilst this suits some coaches, many find it prohibitively expensive when starting out. Another – and we believe better – solution is to join the excellent value Professional Credentialing Programme and learn and grow as part of a group, as well as fulfilling the requirements to become credentialed.

*The requirements for gaining ICF credentials at Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level are outlined here, as the ICF is considered the gold-standard of professional credibility. This course can also support you to become a recognised Foundation Coach or Coach with the UK-focussed AC. Let us know if you are interested in becoming credentialled with the AC and we can inform you of their specific credentialing process and requirements.

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Lead Mentor

 ICF Credentialing Programme

Robert Stephenson

Robert Stephenson is Head of Training at Animas, and leads our Professional Credentialing Programme.

Robert is credentialed with the ICF, AC and European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and is a qualified coach supervisor. On top of his credentials and coach training expertise, Robert specialises in group, narrative and youth coaching. More here.