Animas Goes Virtual

Getting The Most From Your Free Virtual Introduction Event

Overview – Why Animas Has Gone Virtual

On 12th March, in response to the rapid spread of Covid-19, we made a decision to move our in-person training and introduction events into live virtual training rooms. We were not alone in doing this since, around the same time, several leading universities and training providers took similar decisions. We believe this signals a major shift in how learning will be undertaken during this period when there can be no certainty for resuming in-person learning.

The good news though is that with the current technology available to both students and training providers, it is now possible to provide a fully-interactive virtual learning environment that mirrors classroom training with no more than you already have in your own home!

Early feedback has blown us away and we’re actually really excited by what this means to our students.

Below we outline how you can get the best from your Free Virtual Introduction To Transformational Coaching. Of course please do feel free to let us know if you have any questions for us!

Getting The Most From the Free Virtual Introduction Event

Here are some simple suggestions to help you to get the best from this experience:

  • Be mindful of your environment and try to set yourself up in a space where you are least likely to be disturbed and have good internet connection.
  • Check your headphones, microphone and webcam if possible before you join the session to make sure everything is working well.
  • Keep hydrated! We will take breaks throughout the training, but do make sure you have a drink of water with you.
  • We use Zoom as our online platform, which you can easily download at If you have any problems downloading the app, you can also access the event through a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom, don’t worry, as your trainer will go through everything you need to know at the start of the call.  

What Technology Do You Need?

Virtual Training on Sofa

The joy of modern virtual learning is that you really don’t need much and you’ve almost certainly already got it! All you need is:

  • An internet connection
  • A computer or tablet
  • Headphones
  • Webcam, which is usually installed in your computer or tablet

With these 4 things, you can see and hear the group, and we can see and hear you!
That’s all you need to make for a fabulous interactive experience. Simple!