Corporate Coaches Toolbox

Transition from life coaching into the exciting and dynamic world of corporate coaching with our specially tailored accredited course.

Corporate Coaches Toolbox

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A certificate in corporate coaching for qualified and in-training coaches

Are you excited by the idea of corporate coaching but wouldn’t know how to get started?

Do you have the professional background that makes the corporate world a natural fit but you’re not sure how to position yourself as a coach?

If so, then our new course, Corporate Coach’s Toolbox, a three-part accredited training for coaches is perfect for you.

Designed by a highly-experienced corporate coach and successful business owner, Mia O’Gorman, in partnership with Animas Centre for Coaching, this unique course will enable you to begin your journey to become a successful corporate coach.

Over six full days of training spread over three months, you will immerse yourself in the theory, practice and, importantly, business of corporate coaching.

You will explore the fundamentals of developing the corporate edge to your coaching and learn the tools and techniques to get into this exciting but challenging field.

Unlike ‘pure’ coaching, as learned on the Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching, the corporate coach is often expected to draw from a range of organisationally relevant models such as psychometrics, 360 feedback, emotional intelligence and other approaches.

The course has been recognised by the International Coach Federation and provides 36 hours of Continuing Coach Education, which also means it can be used for coaches renewing their ICF credentials.

This course is ideal for qualified coaches who have the underpinnings of core coaching skills and now want to layer on the specific skills to succeed in the corporate world. Whether you’re already actively coaching in the corporate space or want to add this to your practice, the course will be sure to give you new skills, models and strategies.

Coaching is widely embraced by business for its success in accelerating performance and development. The corporate coaching market continues to grow, with organisations seeking coaches to help valued individuals raise self-awareness, enhance relationships and impact, develop leadership capability, re-shape culture, overcome blocks to performance and build resilience.

Course Structure

The Accredited Certificate in Corporate Coaching is delivered through three modules of in-person training.

Each in-person module takes place over two days from 10.00am until 5.30pm and takes place on the following dates:

  • 21st – 22nd September
  • 19th – 20th October
  • 16th – 17th November

Module 1: Excellence and Authenticity

Excellence and Authenticity is where your journey to transitioning from life coach to corporate coach begins. You will explore the fundamental structures and processes that drive excellence in delivery, as well as your skills and authenticity in the critical moments of coaching.

On this module, you will learn how to:

  • Engage with commissioners of corporate coaching to successfully win work
  • Efficiently manage the seemingly complicated process of multi-party contracting in the knowledge you are doing your best for each member of the involved party
  • Design unique coaching agendas to enable significant change within not only individuals but organisationally
  • Work with coaching models that focus on challenges common in the workplace, such as managing time, focusing effort, improving relationships and navigating politics
  • Enable clients to identify and break through unhelpful patterns in their working relationships
  • Recognise when power dynamics are playing out during coaching, and maintain an effective coach-client relationship
  • Work with clients and sponsors to evaluate coaching assignments
  • Respond to the ethical issues that can arise in corporate coaching while maintaining your integrity

Module 2: Enabling Integrated Change

Enabling integrated change explores how to facilitate transformational change with a client. You will gain the skills, methods, confidence and judgement to work in the client’s inner and outer worlds.

On this module you will learn how to:

  • Invite clients to be curious, courageous and compassionate in exploring their inner world
  • Use mindfulness-based techniques to move attention from ‘doing’ to ‘being’
  • Facilitate clients to shift from a reactive to an adaptive mindset
  • Work more skilfully with emotions, including building awareness, processing capability, presence and exploring influence on performance
  • Utilise cognitive-behavioural approaches to challenge faulty thinking and limiting beliefs
  • Apply the psychology of strengths to increase confidence, energy and persistence in pursuing goals
  • Enable clients to recognise and overcome their personal immunity to change
  • Gain ideas on how to assist your client in overcoming resistance such as seeking quick solutions, scepticism about value, or discomfort with talking about their inner world – anything that might be termed ‘fluffy’, ‘deep’ or ‘woo-woo’.

Module 3: Deploying Diagnostic Tools

Deploying diagnostic tools gives you an introduction to models of personality and how to apply these in coaching to enable significant increases in awareness within your client.

On this module you will learn:

  • Two contrasting models of personality and how to apply these in coaching
  • A range of tools based on each model, and on combined approaches
  • How each model describes our inner world and links this to our outer behaviour
  • Your own personality profile, and how this influences your coaching style
  • Principles and good practices for exploring personality with coaching clients
  • The development and design of reliable 360° feedback tools
  • Interpreting 360° feedback reports, without becoming ‘the expert’
  • Principles and good practices for working with 360° feedback in a client-centred way


The course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation as providing 36 hours of Continuing Coach Education.

Course Trainer

Mia O’Gorman


As well as tutoring on the Animas Diploma in Coaching Supervision, Mia is the Coaching Director for a leadership development consultancy and runs her own coaching and supervision practice. With over 15 years of corporate coaching experience, Mia enables people to recognise their potential, see new possibilities and take confident...

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Course Fee

The course fee is:

  • £1700* Early bird before 31st July
  • £1800*

* – (inc VAT and all costs)