The Certificate in Relationship & Couple Coaching

The Certificate in Relationship & Couple Coaching is ideal for coaches who want to work with individuals and couples on their romantic/intimate relationship or who naturally find they attract clients with these concerns.

The course equips you to work with individuals and couples at any stage of the relationship cycle – from being single and finding a partner all the way through the major life events of relationships and/or breakdowns and breakthroughs.

You’ll explore what keeps people stuck in relationships that aren’t working and how you can help them improve the relationship or come to more empowered decisions. Equally you’ll explore how people remain stuck in a frustrated state of being single and how you can help them take steps to find a partner with whom they build a loving relationship.

The course does not make any value judgements of what a good relationship is or indeed whether people need to be in one. It does, however, recognise a need in many coaching clients to deal with this aspect of their life and provides you as a coach with the skills to do this.

Working with relationship issues, particularly with couples, requires new approaches which help people focus on not just what they’re doing but how they’re being in relation to their partner.

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Peggy Guglielmino

Peggy leads our Certificate in Relationship Coaching and Certificate in Wellness Coaching as well as teaching on our Diploma in Transformational Coaching. Outside of Animas, Peggy runs her own therapy school, Salus Academy, where she teaches NLP therapy and hypnotherapy. If this wasn’t keeping her busy enough, Peggy runs her own holistic clinic and a booked-solid coaching and therapy practice based in North London working with individuals struggling with life and relationship issues.