Certificate in Mindfulness for Coaching

Mindfulness practice has rapidly expanded across the business and personal development worlds in the last ten years. Based on Eastern traditions but now largely a secular practice, it has been adapted for use in schools and businesses, and is widely advocated for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness has been shown by a number of studies to be an effective practice for overcoming a range of mental, emotional and physical challenges and, as such, it has a lot to offer us as coaches.

In this course we cover the core skills of mindfulness, specifically looking at how it can be used for you and your clients, both within and outside of sessions. We also explore how it can be used within coaching sessions to increase insight, self-awareness, creativity, perspective and help us deal with challenging emotions.

The course is a mixture of theory and practice, preparing you to confidently lead various mindfulness practices for your clients to bring about positive change.

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mindfulness coaching

Emily Johnston

Emily teaches our Certificate in Mindfulness Coaching and has her own successful practice working within schools and with groups and individuals around living mindfully to overcome their stresses and anxiety and to start to live on purpose.