Certificate in Group Coaching

According to the influential Ridler Report, the demand for group coaching is growing exponentially, and for good reason: It works. Group coaching is both time and cost-effective for the sponsor and participants, transformative for the group, and rewarding for the coach. This course will equip you to take your coaching into a group dynamic with confidence.

Whether you wish to offer action learning sets for senior management, a mastermind experience for entrepreneurs, or a large facilitated session for a whole organisation, group coaching can be used in countless contexts.

The skills needed for group coaching differ significantly from individual coaching. In a group the exploratory space the coach creates for everyone to share their challenges, ideas and wisdom with the other participants is paramount.

As a coach, you might still make direct interventions but you’ll also be calling upon your ability to facilitate participation, manage and harness dynamics and remain sensitive to the constant flow of energy and connection in the room.

Our Certificate in Group Coaching helps you to learn and develop these useful and widely adaptable skills.

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Robert Stephenson

Robert is the Head of Training at Animas and teaches on a number of the Animas programmes. Rob has been a group coach for many years with vast experience in running small and large sessions both on and offline. As head of training at Animas, Robert supports coaches and trainers alike to harness theire one-to-one and groups skills and bring his artistry in group work to this specialist coaching course.