The Certificate in Existential Coaching

Our Certificate in Existential Coaching enables you to create more lasting and significant change with your clients – exploring big questions, and what it means to be human; an increasingly valuable coaching focus in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

As humans we all face certain conditions: Death and the awareness of our mortality; the need to make choices without certainty of the outcome; and relating to others whilst recognising our individuality. Existential coaching allows us to work with whatever issue a client brings, noticing their relationship to these conditions and the impact that is having both on the issue at hand, and on their lives more broadly.

Existential coaching also equips us to help our clients explore the big questions, such as: Can I be happier? What’s my purpose? Am I living well? It is often these enduring human questions, and our relationship to the conditions of being human, that sit behind everyday challenges.

Using an existential approach can change the way someone experiences and lives their life for good. Increasingly clients are bringing existential questions to coaching – implicitly or explicitly – and this course will equip you to identify and work with them.

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Yannick Jacob

Yannick teaches our Certificate in Existential Coaching and our Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching. He is a lecturer on UEL’s MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching, a certified Existential Coach (MA) and Regent’s College-accredited mediator for alternative conflict resolution. He has worked with some of the leading figures in the European Positive Psychology scene and on various personal development programmes, most notably LifeClubs, the German “Schulfach Glück” (School Subject Happiness) and the Haberdasher Askes Wellbeing Curriculum.