We Are Looking for Trainers in Europe!

31st January 2020

Join our training team and grow with us as we expand into Europe.

Who are we?

Animas is the UK’s fastest growing coaching school, with training centres in London, Edinburgh and Berlin. Such has been the incredible growth in our community, and the level of interest for our course generally, that we are opening a new centre in Hamburg in June 2020. We also see great demand for our course right across Europe, and are planning further centres in Amsterdam and Copenhagen later this year.

At our very core, we are a team of change-makers who are passionate about transformation, growth and change, and empowering others to be change-makers too. This runs through everything that we do, from our coach training and events, to the content that we share and the community that we have created. It is this passion and enjoyment in what we do that we feel makes us so good at it!

At Animas, we are passionate about coaching and we are passionate about training new coaches. Our unique transformational coaching course is accredited by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC), two of the largest and most reputable coaching organisations globally.

We take our training responsibilities seriously. We see ourselves as thought leaders and trailblazers, able to positively influence the direction and growth of the coaching profession, in line with our vision to shape coaching as a response to being human in the 21st century.

As a result, we are looking for coaches and trainers right now to become part of our amazing team and help us deliver our course in Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced coaches and coach trainers to join us and form our core teams in the above locations. Our trainers will live locally to their training centre, be fluent in the English language, and excited to help us to spread the impact of coaching and the art of collaborative dialogue.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a highly renowned coach training school, right at the start of its European expansion. We think our trainers are amazing and from the feedback we receive, our community of students would seem to agree! We are incredibly excited to be expanding our team and finding more amazing people to grow and develop with us.

Working as a freelance trainer with Animas allows our team regular and flexible work with attractive rates and an incredibly varied and rewarding career. Many of our team supplement coaching and other forms of work with their training to form a holistic lifestyle of variety and autonomy. This work also provides ongoing opportunities for our trainers to develop and refine their coaching and delivery skills, whilst benefiting from the support of a well respected and thriving coach training school.

Do you know someone who might fit?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, feel free to click or share this link to find out more information and to make an application. We often feel at Animas that we provide a gateway for people to a lifelong journey of continuous development and growth and this again feels like one of those moments. And whatever it is that lies on the other side of the gate, it will be both exciting and memorable, that much is certain!

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