To Niche or Not to Niche

Author : Emma Dempsey


28th October 2019

To niche or not to niche, the age-old question for coaches everywhere.

For a long time I avoided niching. Never one for being told what to do, I was irritated by shouty coaches filling my social media feeds telling me I had to niche or never make it as a coach. Humans were my niche, and that was enough, brave and bloody brilliant humans.

And so, I set out to coach as many variants of the species as I could. And what a joy that was. And what a load of learning.

I worked with men around masculinities, I worked with leaders around listening, I worked with bankers around wellbeing, the unemployed around happiness, women around playing bigger, writers around stories, entrepreneurs around values and so much more. It stretched me both as a coach, and as a human. I learned never to assume, not to judge, remain open minded, use humour and rapport and kindness, to try bold and brave questions, and to hold everyone in positive regard no matter what.

I saw people change in front of my eyes, I saw them tap into their power and use it to flourish. I saw myself take ownership of that and own my skills as a coach. It encouraged me to grow and grow my business. I loved it. I loved those brave and brilliant humans sitting before me.

And then something happened.

Whilst avoiding my niche, my niche found me.

Sometime a few months ago, I had the realisation that all the brilliant humans I was currently working with were on their own coaching journeys. Some were exploring the idea of becoming a coach, some were in coach training and some were building or evolving their businesses. On the coaching spectrum I say. It had been like that for a while, yet I hadn’t even noticed. And so I focused on working with those people for a period, because I’m curious and I wanted to see what would happen.

And things did happen. I realised I liked the clarity it gave me, and the clarity it gave my business. I was able to help this group of people by creating exercises that they found useful, to share learning and experiences between them and I was able to talk directly to them via my social media feeds and my website.

I was able to think about what they might need from me as their coach and I was able to ask them. Then I was able to create courses and programmes that I knew would help them. I was also able to create my own community of ace values driven coaches that I could help on their way (The Coach Collective). I could do all of this because I knew who I was talking to and what they needed, my message was clearer and so they responded.

And that is my niche, the niche that found me. I work with brave and brilliant coaches, wherever they are on that spectrum. Ace coaches who add value to the coaching space.

By knowing who I am working with, it allows all of the above, and I really really like that. I still take on some life coaching clients to keep things varied and to keep me on my toes. And because I can.

I’m not here to tell you to niche or not to niche because both are incredibly valuable and because like any good coach I’m not here to tell you what to do. But I will tell you this; Thinking about who you are talking to, that ideal client you want to work with and what you can help them with, can get you clarity on the coach you are and help bring clients to you. And without our clients we are left with very little.

So who are you talking to today?

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