Social Impact Panel: Animas Summit 2017

social impact

16th November 2018

In this video, you will hear from four Animas students sharing some the outstanding work they are doing to create change and impact in the world, whilst drawing on their coaching skills…

Libby Davy – Purpose-led coaching Coaching

Libby believes coaching can have a major impact on the systemic wellbeing of the world. Her clients range from coaches to charities to head-and-heart philanthropists, working internationally on a sliding scale. Her social impact extends to working in organisational development, facilitation and stakeholder relations. She is also a mother, trustee, volunteer, activist, RSA network leader, founder of a social enterprise and Kindred Coaches.

Kevin Mascarenhas – Coaching Young People

Kevin brings the art of coaching wherever there is a group led desire for change. His work centres around themes of co-design, participation and inclusivity. Kevin works with leaders, organisations and communities building the new regenerative culture. He is passionate about community development, empowerment of young people, and businesses that create a more human workplace.

Teresa Wilson – Coaching in Prisons

Teresa has a background in community development and first trained as a coach in 2012. After a year of coaching She Googled ‘coaching in prisons’ and, to her ever-lasting delight, a local charity popped up that did just that. She started volunteering for them in 2014, and continue to work with them in a number of different freelance roles, along with her own private clients.

Dimitra Tzigianni – Coaching for Social Entrepreneurs.

Before training as a coach, Dimitra worked in finance, corporate social responsibility and social enterprise sectors in Europe and China. Currently, through her business, Ameliorise, and her collaboration with business incubators across London, Dimitra works as an enterprise coach with young entrepreneurs. Dimitra’s role is to help them build the confidence, soft skills and knowledge they need to launch business ideas, and become financially independent.

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