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27th February 2020

At Animas we are so proud of the vibrant and thriving community of students and alumni that we have helped to create across Europe. We also love hearing their thoughts around their personal development and training journeys. With this in mind, we asked some of our Berlin-based graduates and coaches-in-training to share a little insight into their training experiences and coaching journeys with Animas so far.

Harriet Poole – 3 modules into the Diploma in Transformational Coaching


“I‘m 3 modules into the Animas course and loving it. Great inspiring trainers who love what they do, and comprehensive course booklets packed with models and support. It‘s opened up a whole new toolkit for me to imbed into my existing (person-centred art education/mentoring) services, alongside complete new business opportunities in individual and group coaching.

Yesterday I ran a creative team event and found myself slowing down with greater ease, following my curiosity throughout, allowing silence, empowering the team to find their own path together. Magical. Not to mention the impact on my own growing sense of curious self and the wonderful supportive group community to share experiences and collaborate with. So good to be here and excited for the next 2 modules!”

Mara Gobina – Just completed her first module: ‘Foundations’


“I am only one module into the course but since then our training group has formed a Whatsapp group which has been constantly buzzing ever since, and we are writing, sharing, and meeting up to coach each other, to reflect and learn from each other!

The crazy thing is – it’s getting better and better, and we’ve only just started…

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected such an outcome from just one weekend of training – so THANK YOU! Also thank you to Robert Stephenson who facilitated the training for your great energy, humour, enthusiasm, sharing your experience and knowledge with us and opening the door to a new and magical world.

I can already sense that joining the course will have been one of the best decisions of my life, if not THE best.”

Susanne Prahl – 2 modules into the Animas transformational coach training course


“Within two minutes of attending the introductory day I just knew, this is my thing, I will do this. The facilitator, the content, the design of the course and it’s materials were all brilliant. Also I liked the mixture of people that attended the day, there was such a diverse mix of interests, backgrounds, beliefs, ages, nationalities and genders, and as someone that has spent a lot of their life as part of an international community travelling the world, this diversity was brilliant.

Our group created this Whatsapp group right from the first module, so we shared a lot around how to find practice clients, experiences, notes, whatever comes up, so that community that’s there, and the support that comes with it is really helpful.We have even sorted social events for our group between modules to stay in touch. So it’s wonderful to have joined a community, and not just a class.”

Ruta Stasiunaite – Qualified Coach and now one of our Berlin-based Introductory Day Hosts


“I have a completely new way of living now. After going through this training, I’ve learned so much about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. It is constant work, but I now know where to search for help or material when I need it. It’s completely shifted my mindset in so many different ways! The impact has been so enormous that I can barely recognise myself!

I can also confidently say that I have found my tribe – the community and support is always there for me and everyone. We meet regularly in person, and stay in touch almost every day, sharing valuable material, asking for help, etc. I love it!”

Patricia Koops – Completed the Diploma training and looking to qualify in the coming months


“I loved the training weekends and especially the Presence module. Also the wide range of different people is amazing. It really feels like a family, where there is so much respect and attention for everyone.

Even though I am not finished yet, I already have some paying clients which feels great. From May 1, I will start working 32 hours instead of 40 and before the end of June I want to have completed my Diploma from Animas.

This training journey is a path of personal growth for me, where I am able to clear a lot of “stuff” and learn new things about myself every day.”

Tina Roso – Qualified as a transformational coach


“Since starting the coaching course, I am more aware, more focused and oriented towards helping people in the right way. Also, the group that I shared this journey with, became my “tribe”. These friends form a group that all support each other, and I think this is a real bonus that we all gain as part of this journey.”

Denny Kircheis – Qualified transformational coach and another of our Berlin-based introductory day hosts


“My whole life looks so much different than I could have expected before starting my personal development journey in 2017. Animas has been an essential partner in me becoming self-employed, which was a desire I had my whole life but never imagined it being possible.

The biggest highlight for me on this journey was not only becoming a transformational coach but to go through the experience of the one being coached as well. I was making such a huge progress in terms of my authenticity and confidence throughout this course. This has helped me to build a strong trust in myself and set the direction of me becoming the coach I want to be. A true win-win situation!”

So there you have it, the reflections and thoughts of just some of the many coaches that have trained or are currently training with us as part of our Berlin cohort. You can find more testimonials here.

Want to experience the journey for yourself? Why not book a spot on one of our free introductory days?

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