Not Everyone Is a Coach

Author : Emma Dempsey

not everyone is a coach

8th January 2021

I sometimes try and remember how it was before I entered this world of coaching. Before my history and the searches that I had made ensured that social media algorithms filled my timeline with posts and ads from other coaches.

I wasn’t on LinkedIn before, so I don’t know how it would have been without stranger coaches sending automated messages, telling me they could help me sell to high end clients.

I don’t recall seeing ads before, telling me that I could train as a coach in as little as 3 hours and for as little as £29, so that I could create a laptop lifestyle and only work for 25 minutes a day from a beach in Bali.

image of a digital nomad

What I do remember is entering this world of transformational conversations and feeling a sense of wonder, curiosity and absolute gratitude for having finally found “my thing”.

I also remember thinking that nothing would ever be the same again. In a really good way.

I want to remind you of something. Not everyone is a coach. Though I know it can often feel like that. If you are new to the world of coaching or you are in the throes of setting up your business, then it might feel like the busiest marketplace ever. But remember, that is who you are seeing because the context of your life has shifted, and those pesky algorithms are showing you tonnes of coaching ads and coaching related stuff.

woman walking past advertising

Hold on to the joy of finding the skills and the shifts that you have lived through in your training. Remember also, those who are coaches are all offering something different to you because they are different to you. I am reminded of this time and time again, with the hundreds of coaches that I train with Animas and with the brilliant coaches I get to work with in my business.

I have never met two coaches doing exactly the same. Never.

There is room for everyone.

Think about who you are, how you work and what you are offering to the coaching space. You are not just a coach. You have learned coaching skills to add to everything else you have learned and experienced these last few decades, professionally, personally and from simply being alive. You already had a tonne to offer. These new skills will allow you to have transformational conversations and help people get from where they are to where they want to be. But we will all do that in our unique way.

woman speaking at a table

Coaches I have worked with in my own practice these last couple of years include:

– Coaches who add coaching to their martial arts practice

– Coaches who help individuals with anxiety

– Coaches who work with women leaders in the corporate environment

– Coaches who offer coaching to help dads find headspace and grow

– Coaches who help unlock creativity

coaching around creativity

– Coaches who help women live more

– Coaches who help men with emotional literacy

– Coaches who combine coaching with marketing to help other coaches move forward

– Coaches who work with head teachers to improve outcomes

– Coaches who help overwhelmed mums

– Coaches who coach executives

– Coaches who help people find their purpose

– Coaches who coach people in the criminal justice system

– Coaches who coach leaders

– Coaches who focus on wellbeing

coaching around wellbeing

– Coaches who focus on happiness

– Coaches who work with people with long term health conditions

– Coaches who coach others on creating community

– Coaches who coach others to write books

– Coaches who support mums with children who are on the autism spectrum 

– Coaches who work with artists

– Coaches who work within mental health

coaching around mental health

– Coaches who coach TED speakers

– Coaches who work with people with ADHD

– Coaches who combine coaching with personal training

– Coaches who work within international development

– Coaches who work with beauty therapists

– Coaches who work with newly divorced women

– Coaches who coach leaders in health and social care and coaches who work with clients around manifestation.

Great coaches. Brilliant humans. Doing what they want to do and what they are great at.

There is room for us all and we are all unique with something to offer. Remember that as often as you need to.

Emma Dempsey

Emma Dempsey

Emma Dempsey is a Coach, a Trainer at Animas and a soon to be Coaching Supervisor.

Having worked for twenty years in social development and behavior change, Emma is passionate about empowering others to create change in life and business. Emma helps leaders lead more consciously and helps brilliant coaches set up values led businesses through one to one coaching and group programmes. Emma believes everyone is capable of great things once they take the time to know who they are and what they need to flourish. This belief underpins all that she does.

When not working Emma can be found near the sea.

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