‘Leaping Out Into Alignment’ by Livon Yeow

leaping out into alignment

17th November 2018

My journey started in 2016, the year I turned 30 and decided it was time to push out of my comfort zone more. I started taking on things that scared me, doing things I didn’t believe I could do, and making a point to get to know people I didn’t ‘like’ or who annoyed me. So, of course, I jumped out of a plane on my birthday in Las Vegas, ran my very first 10k race (on only 3 days notice, I dislike running), and best of all made some incredible new friends and many more interesting connections.

Up until this year, I’d worked in central London Market Research agencies and loved my job working with brands in the experiential space – evaluating the performance of festival sponsorships, high profile sporting events, sampling activities and educational campaigns. I knew it wasn’t the be-all and end-all for me, however. I just didn’t know what it was that I was ‘supposed’ to be doing instead.

I’d initially thought it would be something fitness-related after cutting back on a serious dance hobby. After qualifying as a PT in early 2016 I quickly realised that while I loved fitness there was something missing.

Later that year I started my personal development journey and things finally ‘clicked’ into place. I had a number of big breakthroughs and in the space that opened up this idea of a ‘purpose’ appeared. I wanted to make a difference to people in a more holistic way – not only with fitness but also on a mental and emotional level, having had personal experience of exercise addiction (as a coping and avoidance mechanism) which led to injury.

What was really interesting from all this work, however, was that I also changed my Myers Briggs Type Indicator from an INTS to an ENFP. Basically a personality transplant! The funny thing is that before all of this work I didn’t even really like people and much preferred to be on my own or around animals.

I’m a born and bred Londoner although my background is Malaysian, so there was always a bit of an East meets West culture clash growing up. I grew up with corporal punishment and there was also a lot of underlying resentment around being female in a culture that places more outward value on being male. There was also a lot of focus on achievement and so I definitely veered towards a more driven, competitive and masculine energy.

“My personal development and coaching journey led me to deal with the root cause of my anger issues to the point where things that used to trigger me no longer have a hold of me anymore, and on the days I am a bit crankier I have both the awareness and tools I can call upon to deal with situations more powerfully”.

I’ve also tackled my perfectionist tendencies and the need to control everything. Coaching really has had an impact in every area of my life – finding my purpose, on my relationships and most of all with confidence and belief in myself. One coach and mentor said to me early this year ‘you have everything you need, you don’t need to know anymore, you just need to trust yourself’. Another thing I got out of all of this work was the ability to tap into the more nurturing, feminine side of myself, to the point where I’m even ok crying in public now!

In January 2017 I attended an Introduction day with Nick Bolton, after which I cancelled all the other Introductions and Discovery Days at other schools both in the UK and US, and booked to start my diploma in April. What really attracted me to Animas was the real sense of community and incredibly warm and genuine trainers. By the end of my first Foundations weekend, I knew I was on the right track. From Day One coaching felt easy and natural to me. Soon after I handed in my three-month notice on the day job.

The three areas that I focus my coaching on are areas that I have had experience of transforming personally, so Lifestyle, Confidence and Career Transition – without the support that I’ve surrounded myself with this year I probably would have been back in full-time employment already.

The people that I most enjoy working with are those who are committed to making a difference in some way, committed to their own development and aren’t afraid of getting a little uncomfortable!

In terms of what’s next, I enjoy writing and social media so you’ll probably see me doing more of this and making more strategic use of these channels. I’m also interested in group coaching, designing and delivering workshops, doing more talks (now that I’ve conquered my fear of public speaking), planning global retreats and putting together both face-to-face and online programs that incorporate mind, body and soul.

Collaborations are also something that I’m interested in exploring further, as well as some pro-bono work for causes close to me. My ultimate dream though would be something to do with the United Nations, because well, why not?!


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