Leap at the Opportunity

Author : Robert Stephenson

29th February 2020

A leap year is an infrequent event.

Not as rare as the interstellar spectacle of Halley’s comet, visible to us once every 75 years, nor as infrequent as the turning of a century once every 100 years, yet it is still something that doesn’t happen monthly or even annually. And when it does come around, it offers us all an extra 24 hours of opportunity.

Seizing Opportunities

So what might you do with your extra 24 hours?

You could spend it catching up on sleep, as we tend to work at a pretty hectic level these days, but that’s another topic altogether. I would like you to consider how you might make the best use of this time so that it doesn’t simply slip through your fingers.

It’s an extra day. We often talk about what we could do if only we had an extra hour in the day. Yet here’s a whole extra day that we could dedicate to doing all these things that we are yet to do.

What might those things be for you?

It might be something like getting that thing fixed that you’ve been meaning to for ages, or finishing up something that you’ve been procrastinating with. What might you use an extra day to do? What is it you haven’t done, that you’ve often said you haven’t got the time or space to do? You now have an extra 24 hours for these things, 24 hours that weren’t there before, and won’t be for another four years.

So take that as an opportunity to grow, develop, progress, to read that book, attend that seminar, meet with that person, to have that conversation, what are all those things you could do that you haven’t yet taken the time to do?

Breaking the Mould

The question is not just what are you gonna do with that extra time, but also what are you gonna do with that opportunity to break tradition? As well as giving us an extra day, a leap year and its customary break in tradition also represents a chance for us to think about what we might do differently.

In many different cultures there’s a shift in tradition around this extra day. Perhaps one of the most often heard of these is around a woman asking a man for their hand in marriage, and in some other cultures getting married any time at all during a leap year is considered bad luck. But for us as coaches, this break in tradition might be a shift in the way that we usually work, and if we were to take that shift in the way that we work and the way that we do things and carry it into our lives, what might that create?

What might that do?

What might you do differently this time, this year, on this day, and how might you show up differently in the world?

How might you do the things that people tell you not to do? What are those tasks, jobs, roles, ideas that you’ve been pushed away from, or shied away from, and what happens if you take that extra day to jump into that space and do that thing?

To be different for the day. To break the mould. To break the space. What would that be like for you?

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