Keeping the Vision Alive

Author : Robert Stephenson

keeping the vision alive

18th January 2020

What motivates you? What keeps you pushing forward when it gets tough? What’s your coaching vision?

These are questions that you may, or may not, have answers to in the present moment, but I’d like you to keep them in mind as you read this article.

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of motivation of late.

As coaches we work a lot with motivation, and more often than not this work is focussed on the motivation of our client, enabling them to find their drive and passion for the outcome or goal, and helping them align with their values so that they are able to make informed choices.

I’ve seen many clients’ achieve breakthroughs and ‘a-ha’ moments once they have identified what it is that drives their goal or desired outcome, and it is a great moment for both coach and coachee. To see the energy and positivity that this motivation can bring to a client is truly rewarding, but what about us as coaches? What motivates the coach?

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Own Needs

Whilst that feeling of help others to find their motivation and push forward with renewed vigour is, for most of us, part of the very reason that we became coaches in the first place, it is often very easy for us to neglect our thinking around our own motivations and visions.

We can become so caught up in the work and development of our clients that we become blinkered by our focus on their growth, and ultimately miss the work that we need to do on ourselves. Often we don’t realise this until it’s too late, which can culminate in hitting that wall of ‘what is this all for?’

That isn’t a good place to be operating from, not for us, and particularly not for our clients. How can we offer clients the very best version of ourselves, the coach that they need, if we aren’t even sure what motivates us to do the work in the first place?

In order to effectively continue our work as coaches, in order to be at our best when working with our clients; it is vital that we continue to do the work on ourselves.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we have to have weekly sessions with our coach, therapist or business mentor, nor does it mean that we need to attend motivational workshops, masterminds or speaking events, however we do need to take time out to check in with our own vision and values.

The New Year is a perfect time for this with lots of people busy with new year resolutions; a tradition which most of us have taken part in at some point. But it’s not just the idea of the resolution that keeps us motivated, it’s not just the values that keep us aligned. It is the time we spend reflecting, noticing, exploring and delivering on the values, resolutions, ideas, so that they become part of our day to day rituals, just like we might explore with our clients.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind and Strive Towards It

So, what am I getting at here? Well, simply put, as coaches we need to do the work with ourselves as well as with our clients. We need to make sure that we plan in the time for our own development and reflection, allowing us to keep the big picture and vision in mind.

When we get caught up in the lucky place of having lots of clients to work with, we can be so busy doing the work, that we lose track of our ‘why’, and in turn our motivation, as it is this ‘why’, this big picture and vision, that keeps us moving forward, and as a result, we are better able to see each day and each client session being part of the whole, as opposed to separate events.

Which leads me back to the questions that I opened with: What is that bigger picture for you?

What is the vision? What keeps you striving forward?

And allow yourself to think big, don’t get caught in the world of small and acceptable, go large! Take a look at where you would like to be in 10 years from now, not just doing what you’re doing but more, but the next level of what you do, or even levels up from where you are right now.

Perhaps for you, it might look like this: running your own holistic centre, where coaches, therapist, yogis, physiotherapists, motivational workshop leaders and speakers, all work under the same roof, so that a client can move from space to space developing the whole self under one roof.

Or perhaps you are island hopping with your coaching and wellness retreats, each month visiting a different island or location, travelling the world doing what you love.

It might be neither of these things, and ultimately, it matters not what your big picture is, but that you have one. A vision to work towards.

So, what is your vision? What is it that you are striving for that enables you to keep moving towards it? And how might you create the habit of reflection and review so that you are able to stay in the game of creation, and not get caught up in the just doing, forgetting all about your vision…

And finally, remember that visions change, just like goals do, but without one to start with, there is no place for it to change from.

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