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16th December 2019

We have very exciting news. We are bringing our accredited coach training course, fantastic events and incredible community of Transformational Coaches to Hamburg!

Why Hamburg?

Since bringing our Transformational Coach Training course to Berlin in 2018, we have seen an amazing growth in our community of students. The vibrancy of this community and the level of interest in Transformational Coach Training we have seen in Germany convinced us that opening up another training centre in the country was a great next step.

We spent some time researching where this next exciting expansion might be, and we just couldn’t look past the beautiful city of Hamburg. The second largest German city after Berlin, Hamburg is one of the most brilliantly diverse and vibrant cities in Europe and so we thought where better to take Animas next?!

Who We Are

At our very core, we are a team of change-makers who are fervent about transformation, growth and change, and empowering others to be change-makers too. This runs through everything that we do, from our coach training and events, to the content that we share and the community that we have created. It is this passion and enjoyment in what we do that we feel makes us so good at it!

At Animas, we are passionate about coaching. We’re passionate about what coaching can do for individuals as they seek to make better choices in life, to become more resilient and to live more authentically.

Animas is the UK’s fastest growing coaching school, with training centres in London, Edinburgh and also the lively German capital of Berlin. Our unique transformational coaching course is accredited by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC), two of the largest and most reputable coaching organisations globally. As such you can be assured of the quality of our training, delivery, qualification and ongoing support.

However, it isn’t just our training that makes us stand out. One of the key aspects of Animas that we feel sets us apart from other coach training schools is our fantastic community.

Community is a word that gets used a lot nowadays but unfortunately it often remains just that, a word.

For us though, community means something very real and very important.

Whether online or in-person, we are huge believers in the power of community to enhance the learning experience and to support your ongoing feeling of connectedness to your profession, your practice and your vision.

We have now trained nearly 2000 student coaches and qualified alumni and we’re ardent about connecting and empowering them to support one another as well as hosting great events to bring people together.

Graduates of Animas now coach in every area of life and work, including life coaching, executive coaching and the growing world of employed internal coaching. Our coaches work across education, corporate improvement and organisational development, parenting and youth, charity and third sector, creative fields and more. It is truly inspirational to see how our graduate coaches are using their news skills.

Where will you take your coaching?

Interested? Find out more!

If you would like find out more, then please do feel free to come along to one of our free Introduction to Coaching days!

Ask most of our students about the beginning of their coaching journey and most will tell you about these free days. Offering the chance to learn about Transformational Coaching, meet our team and get a sense of the Animas community spirit, our free introductory days will show you some of the ways becoming a Transformational Coach could help you create profound change in other people’s lives, as well as your own.

Alternatively, if you’re still in the early stage of simply exploring, check out our knowledge section for some brilliant blogs, articles, podcasts, lectures and eBooks around coaching, from both the school and our graduates.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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