Falling in Love with Coaching

Author : Robert Stephenson

25th February 2020

With Valentine’s day arriving a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been spending some time since thinking about the concept of ‘love’. I’ve been thinking about the things that I love, the things that bring me joy, energy and enthusiasm.

My partner, family and friends. The music that I love to listen to in the mornings, the series that I love to watch, the cakes that I love to eat, the experiences that I love to be a part of. And it got me thinking about another thing that I really love… and that’s my work.

I love coaching. Being able to support, challenge and share as my clients explore change and transformation, be that during our one-to-one sessions, as well as groups, and even more far-reaching through my work as Animas COO, all this makes my heart sing.

And this really got me thinking about what exactly it is that I love about working in this space, and what are the things that led me and you to fall in love with coaching and the work that we do?

“Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life.”

Often attributed to Chinese philosopher Confucius (though nobody is quite sure where this quote originated from), it is a sentence that no doubt most of you have heard. And while there is a cliché element to it, it also holds a truth and is something that I feel may resonate with many people in the coaching profession.

Although it can sometimes feel like lots of hard work, even challenging to the point where we might want to pack it all in, we tend to stay the course. We push forward because there is something about what we do that we feel called too, or connected with on a deeper level than just doing a job.

Many of us spend more hours working than we do socialising, sleeping or spending time with family, and if that job isn’t one which sets our passions alight and drags us out of bed with fervour every morning or at least some mornings, as time goes on, it can have a detrimental impact on our happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment in all areas of life.

To be able to call your passion, hobby or the ‘thing’ that you love doing ‘work’ can be a beautiful thing.

Now I’m not saying everyone can pursue their passion and make a living from it, at least not right now, I understand that everyone’s circumstances differ and it is by no means easy to do. I’m also not saying that coaching isn’t often challenging, hard work, and at times demotivating, of course it can be. Coaching is a journey, and inevitably some moments will be tougher than others. What I’m saying, is that when you wholeheartedly love the work that you do, you are better able to run at those challenges and barriers, driven by the excitement of what is on the other side, what the journey might bring and knowing that you are a part of something bigger than just yourself.

Loving My Work

Allow me to share some of the things that led me to fall in love with coaching, and the work that I do.

I love telling stories, and one of the ways I approach my coaching is through the lens of narrative. The idea that what is happening to us, with us and for us, are all parts of a story. A story that we have the ability to influence and change. So during my coaching sessions, we explore the story of the client and the character that they are playing within their story, with an eye on what can we change, which elements of the story are no longer true or relevant, and how we can shift the character within us, showing up differently in the world, so that the world shows up differently too.

I love working with courageous human beings, and feel that anyone who steps into the arena of coaching is courageous. It takes real courage to face and create change in our worlds. We often talk about loving change, but when faced with making new or different choices, we realise how tough it can be.

I also get super excited about potential and how we have the ability to do so much more than we often think we are capable of.

This is my first love when it comes to coaching and something that is dear to my heart from the days of working with young people, especially those that have been labelled the troublesome ones, the distractors or mischief-makers. Working with these young people and watching them blossom and grow as they not only realise that they are not their labels, but that they are so much more than they could have dreamed of. And by taking the time to hold that space, challenge the assumptions, and push past the limiting beliefs, we are able to set off on a journey to the land of potential and beyond.

And that leaves me with a question for you to ponder as you go through your day; what is it about coaching that you love and that brings you joy?

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