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17th November 2018

I finished my coaching training some time ago and I was already qualified as a yoga teacher. I just knew that I wanted to help people using these two tools, but I didn’t know where to start! I wanted to have a specific niche…

For quite some time I was trying to come up with ideas that would work for me, half-heartedly testing some of them in the form of workshops or questionnaires. More often than not I would end up getting carried away with other projects in my life, life the part-time role I have at acting school, as well as writing a novel and teaching yoga.

Someone looking from the outside might say that I wasn’t focusing enough, but I knew it wasn’t that.

Then, a few weeks ago a friend of mine was coaching me and she asked this KEY question…

“if art and creativity are clearly most important for you, why don’t you include them in your business?”

This really got me thinking…and it brought up some uncomfortable stuff.

It may seem simple enough, and a rather obvious idea, but I guess I felt that I wasn’t ready. I had a lot of self-critical thoughts bouncing around my head and the feeling of unworthiness. Why? Well because currently I’m still training to be an actor, and even though I have written some stories in the past and I am working on a novel, I haven’t published anything before. This bothered me for a little while but then I stopped and thought to myself “yes you’ve never done these things before, but now you are doing those things!” I realised that was holding myself back. It took a lot of pain and transformation to allow myself to go after my dreams, but ultimately I knew that I had the tools and mindset to pursue it. On top of that, I have a great passion to help people and have a lot of specified and useful knowledge that I acquired whilst studying my Psychology MA. I now feel the need to use what I’ve got to do what I love. I was wasting the skills that I have by not sharing them with others, and I realised that my fears and hesitation weren’t serving anyone, especially myself.

I am so glad that I have had this epiphany and reached this mindset, it is just what I needed. I couldn’t be motivated by financial goals or the vague vision of success alone. But helping to bring more creativity into the world – ah, that’s what really gets me going! It’s a goal that truly aligns with my core values and beliefs. I think that art is very important in our lives, it’s a thing that gives hope and helps us deal with everyday struggles. Sadly, creativity is a basic instinct that often gets stifled in our modern, fast-paced world.

Another realisation I came to: nobody has a final authority, nobody’s perfect. I don’t know everything. Nobody does and that’s okay! Very often you learn more in doing things and refining techniques than in taking that 15th qualification or another degree.

Ultimately those two things made me shift my attention from: ‘Am I good enough?’ to ‘How can I bring the most value into the world, using my unique talents and knowledge?’ This was a huge help, it silenced my doubts and got me asking ‘How do I do this?’ as opposed to ‘Can I do this?’ or even ‘What should I do? / What am I worthy of doing?’ I reached the conclusion that I want to work with people who have creative dreams, perhaps people that want to be artists, or maybe want to treat art as a hobby, but are being held back by something (hint: their mindset and fears).

I still need to figure some of the how-to’s of reaching out to people, building the community I want to have around this, or running a proper business for that matter, but it seems so much more simple and exciting now that I have the right vision and attitude!

If you’re looking to work on some of your creative blocks, or issues with your mindset, I’d be more than happy to chat with you about how I could support you to get empowered and make your dreams a reality.

Margot Zwiefka

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