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This space is dedicated to the Animas students and Alumni to allow them to share with you, their personal stories, challenges and successes on their journey into coaching.

My Coaching Business Model: Feeling Over Logic by Olivia D’Silva

The decision to become a life coach was not a logical one, but it was one that felt right. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the thought struck me to train as a life coach. I had given up working in an office three years previously and was living a calm and unpressured lifestyle with my husband working in country estate management. But I had been looking around for the next challenge. I had recently fallen in love with yoga but the retreats on offer seemed a bit expensive and a bit too Vegan. The thought to train as...

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Coaching and Mental Health: A Personal Perspective by Sulu Fontana

  You might have met me in the classroom; or sat next to me at a lecture; who knows, maybe you even coached me at some point. I'm a qualified life coach. I am also 1 in 4 people who have struggled with mental health. Back then, you didn't know. And I didn't either. In February this year, I received my diploma and started working enthusiastically towards setting up my practice. In March, unexpectedly, at the peak of momentum, I had an emotional breakdown. Medically, a crisis is defined as a time when your mental health is severely distressed. Whilst valid, this definition is in...

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Finding Yourself Found by Dizzy Maggs

I am content to be an instrument and am led by an integrity of purpose. I offer sophisticated insight and my intention as an 'Existential Coach to Creative Men' is to encourage more artful-being and deliver exponential value. An attitude of willingness, an inclination for possibility and total honesty is required. Typically my clients are cultural creatives: progressive, curious, intellectual (emotionally evolved, yet academic), they engage with a collaborative mindset, are guided by a spirit of contribution and a desire for potency in living. These individuals universally exist on the creative plain, non-competitive, therefore. Primarily I consider myself a visionary humanist, and my coaching is...

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