Alumni Articles

This space is dedicated to the Animas students and Alumni to allow them to share with you, their personal stories, challenges and successes on their journey into coaching.

Giving a Sh*t by Liz Goodchild

A month or so ago, I met up with someone for a cup of coffee... Since moving to Germany last year, my all-encompassing loneliness has been much like a drunk, washed up glam metal rockstar from 1982: out of control, sporting an aggressive mullet, and begging for attention. As a result, I’ve been making waaaay more of an effort to meet new people. All in all, the person I hung out with was great. We swapped stories about life in Germany (she’s a transplant, too), belly laughed about bizarre German traditions, and talked about how hard it is living in a country where you don’t...

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Coaching Through Career Change by Sinead Howland

I’ve been working in the field of Careers for over fifteen years. What I love most about my job is hearing people’s stories. Career coaching is as much about life as it is work - to show you how I work with my clients I thought I would share some of my clients’ stories... "In my experience, the best way to help clients is to start with self-awareness".   Through coaching and exercises to do at home (yes I give homework!) we build a picture of the client their skills, strengths, passions, interests, work motivators, values, identity and life purpose.    .   Coaching around...

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Don’t Look Back And Regret What You Didn’t Do – Osman Sabir

"Crushed under someones fragrant armpit on a packed rush hour train into work. Day in, day out. For years on end. Living for weekends and holidays” When I was a child and as I was coming out of university, I didn’t imagine that this comment would come to characterise a big chunk of my life.Having had a 12-year career as a professional economist in large organisations across both the private and public sectors, the opening statement above sums up my working life when the giddy heights of being new to the corporate world gradually faded. Over time, working in these large organisations became a treadmill...

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My Coaching Business Model: Feeling Over Logic by Olivia D’Silva

The decision to become a life coach was not a logical one, but it was one that felt right. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the thought struck me to train as a life coach. I had given up working in an office three years previously and was living a calm and unpressured lifestyle with my husband working in country estate management. But I had been looking around for the next challenge. I had recently fallen in love with yoga but the retreats on offer seemed a bit expensive and a bit too Vegan. The thought to train as...

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Coaching and Mental Health: A Personal Perspective by Sulu Fontana

  You might have met me in the classroom; or sat next to me at a lecture; who knows, maybe you even coached me at some point. I'm a qualified life coach. I am also 1 in 4 people who have struggled with mental health. Back then, you didn't know. And I didn't either. In February this year, I received my diploma and started working enthusiastically towards setting up my practice. In March, unexpectedly, at the peak of momentum, I had an emotional breakdown. Medically, a crisis is defined as a time when your mental health is severely distressed. Whilst valid, this definition is in...

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