Our Mission and Vision

Mission sounds very grandiose, doesn’t it? As though we’re singularly focused against all the odds in getting somewhere.

In reality, our mission is a more like a North Star than a military expedition! It’s where we’re heading but we know that along the way it’ll change and adapt and morph as the world changes and as we change.

Yet there’s something very solid about it too which, whilst the details might change, provides a direction, a vision and a sense of deeply held purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s leading coaching school by 2025 in order to have the impact and influence to reshape coaching to meet the transformational needs of our complex, uncertain times and to enable people to have the meaningful conversations they are hungry for.

Meeting Our Mission

Big words! But what does this mean in practice. How do we move towards this?

  • We train, develop and support the coaches who can deliver the transformational level of coaching across the world.
  • We support coaches to have a meangingful impact whether that’s on the lives of their clients or through Animas For Impact, our programme for placing coaches in communities, charities and social enterprises.
  • We constantly communicate, share and demonstrate our approach to coaching and its value in the world through writing, speaking and online media.
  • We are working towards providing an ecology that supports our coaches throughout their lifetime journey as a coach from novice, apprentice, master and beyond.

These are broad statements, of course, but they are not the finished item. They are lights that guide our actions. Along with our values, they shape how Animas shows up in the world and the decisions we take year-to-year, month-to-month and day-to-day.

As examples of the small but continuous steps we take to meet this mission, here are just a few things we’ve done recently.

Examples of Our Mission in Practice

  • Recruited a Social Impact Creator whose role is to develop opportunities for our coaches to work with social enterprises, charities and communities.
  • Launched in Edinburgh in 2017 as the first step in international growth to the US, Australia and Europe.
  • Launching The Professional Coach programme for qualified coaches to start and grow their coaching practices.
  • Created books such as Light Bulbs! and Breakthrough to share the stories behind coaching so that more people can understand what goes on and to remove the mystique.
  • At 2017 we became the 3rd largest coaching school in the UK up from 18th in 2016!

The truth is that we never stop looking at way to innovate and improve in order to move ourselves closer to our vision. It might be some years away but we live and breathe our mission every day.