About Animas Centre for Coaching

Who we are

At the heart of Animas is a drive to explore what it is to be human and how to live well today. We do this by providing transformative coach training and development, and by leading inquiry into the future of coaching and the application of transformative theory to coaching and wider society.

Transformative coaching creates the space for people to work on their current challenges and goals, as well as exploring the big questions we all face, such as: ‘What should I do with my life?’ Our training equips our students to look at a client’s worldview and notice how that is shaping their experience of life, their behaviour, and the results they are getting. This kind of coaching brings about significant and lasting change, and supports the kind of inquiry people are bringing to coaches today.

Whilst our approach is transformative, all of our training is broad, integrative and psychologically-grounded. We foster a culture of participation and collaboration both in the training room, within our thriving student community, and within the coaching profession through our events and webinars.

With our strong relationship with the professional coaching bodies, we deliver accredited training in Transformational Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Professional Credentialing, and a range of Specialist Short Courses for qualified coaches.

What we do

  • Accredited Diploma in Coach Training with the Association for Coaching.
  • Leading provider of International Coach Federation ACSTH and CCE.
  • ICF & EMCC accredited coaching Diploma in Coaching Supervision.
  • An extensive range of high-quality training for professional coach development.
  • London based live training with virtual support, supervision, and one-to-one mentoring.
  • Integrative frameworks in which you develop your unique approach.
  • Inspiring events for the coaching profession and all those interested in coaching, including live talks, workshops and webinars.

Our Accreditations and Memberships

Animas has well-established relationships with the major coaching bodies both internationally and nationally. We work closely with the ICF, Association for Coaching and the EMCC to ensure our courses meet exacting standards to develop, support and accredit excellent coaches. We also contribute to the profession through membership and participation in the Association of Coaching Supervisors and the Association of Coaching to effectively shape the standard of our profession.

What Makes Animas Different

How we’re different

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