How Much do Life Coaches Earn?

The amount life coaches charge varies widely. Some will charge by the hour, and some by package or other agreement with their client.

The amount coaches can charge depends somewhat on their level of experience and who they are coaching, but is largely determined by the marketing and the value their potential clients can see in the change the coach can bring about.

According to the Association for Coaching’s UK Coaching Rates Report, the majority of coach sessions are priced between between £50 and £250 per hour. However, some coaches will offer sessions pro bono and some will charge much more – it is very varied.

The ICF’s 2016 Global Coaching Study quotes that in Western Europe, coaches earn an average of £42000 a year for their coaching. Many earn a lot more and others earn less. So much of the potential earnings from coaching will come down to who you choose to work with and how committed you are to making it work.

It’s important to think about how coaching will support the kind of life you wish to lead. Coaching fees is one aspect of course but there can be many other empowering aspects to a coaching career which are equally or even more attractive including the ability to work remotely, independently, and flexibly. It’s also worth noting that the coaching market is expanding (by 19% in the last five years) and internal coaching positions, as well as careers as coach supervisors, are increasing.