What’s Different About Animas Coach Training?

There are a number of places you can train as a coach, so you might be wondering: What makes Animas different? There are a number of things which set us apart from other places which provide coach training, and so here we set out a few of the main things, as we see it. You’ll see that many of the answers are expanded elsewhere, so this page is designed to give you an overview.

Our approach to coach training is:

Our key focus at Animas is transformative coaching. Our transformative approach draws on key psychological traditions to explore a client’s deeper mental model of the world which is influencing how they see themselves, others, and their situation.  We believe transformative work allows for a greater level of impact and change forclients.


We believe coaches can learn valuable lessons from many of the influential schools of thought such as Person-Centred Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Sometimes called pluralistic, this approach is about drawing from a range of ways of working which is why our Diploma teaches the most relevant ideas and models, as well as exploring how we might use and combine them in practice.

Practical and accessible

As valuable as a solid theoretical base, is the ability to apply your knowledge in your coaching practice. All of our core training is live, accessible, includes demonstrations, and gives you time to practice what you’re learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Supportive and unique to you

To enable you to flourish as a coach, our diploma courses include ongoing one-to-one support from a mentor. We also have a vibrant community who connect online and in person at our coaching events, social meet-ups, and coaching circles. We welcome you when you join as a student, and people stay throughout their professional life as a coach for the network and support of likeminded coaches.


We use a facilitative training style to draw on the knowledge, skills and experience of everyone in the room. Our trainers are highly qualified, and are expert not only in their field, but also in creating a space in which everyone can participate, contribute, and explore ideas together.


All of our courses are approved by the ICF, AC andor EMCC as providing professional, accredited training. This not only assures you of the excellent quality of our coaching courses, but also enables you to achieve personal credentials with the most respected coaching associations through the accrual of the training hours you take with us.