the animas community spirit

Community is a word that gets used a lot nowadays but unfortunately it often remains just that, a word. For us though, community means something very real and very important. Whether online or in-person, we are huge believers in the power of community to enhance the learning experience and to support your ongoing feeling of connectedness to your profession, your practice and your vision. Animas now has nearly 2000 student coaches and qualified alumni and we’re passionate about connecting and empowering them to support one another as well as hosting events to bring people together.

Coaches Business Academy and The Lounge on Facebook

First, the glue of our community are our two online platforms. The Coaches Uncaged is a professional alumni platform that enables our students and alumni to connect. Using this platform, our alumni can:
  • > Join specialist interest groups, local coaching circles and communities of practice
  • > State and manage their own groups within the platform inviting members to join and managing all aspects of their group
  • > See all forthcoming events and books spots on talks, workshops and social events
  • > Access media resources of interviews, coaching sessions and lectures
  • > Access course resources, books and templates
The Lounge of Facebook is for the community to connect and chat in real-time and whilst we know that not everyone wants to be on Facebook it is, nevertheless, a powerful and active part of our community.


Online platforms are great to act as a long-term glue, but for real community building nothing replaces live in-person events. We have a full-time Community & Events Manager, whose role is to create a lively, vibrant and interesting set of events for the Animas community. Across the year we have:
  • Monthly lectures from thought-leaders and coaches sharing their journeys
  • Workshops with expert trainers and authors leading the coaching field
  • The Animas Summit featuring keynotes speakers from the coaching profession
  • A range of social events including a Spring Party, Summer Picnic and Christmas Party.
And that’s just for now! We’re always looking at new ways to enhance the community with new ideas on the horizon. For us, community is not just a word. It’s a way of thinking about and valuing our students and graduates that permeates everything we do.