Todd Roache

Todd Roache cropped

Coach Trainer

Todd is an ICF Certified Coach (ACC), with a rich background in music, mental health, teaching and leadership development.

Prior to coaching Todd spent the early part of his career in the music industry as an award winning singer/songwriter and producer. Eventually realising that what he had defined as success was not something that made him happy, he moved on to explore using music for healing and spent the following decade teaching music in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services). Here he developed his ability to hold robust space for people in deep emotional states, and sharpened his presence, empathy, listening and rapport skills – which would later carry forward into his coaching and training.

Ready for the next chapter in his helping-profession journey – yet unsure where to go – Todd sought the help of an Animas coach and discovered the power of coaching and of Animas as a school. Seeing the potential of the Diploma as a self-development course as well as a coach training, made enrolling with Animas in 2017 feel like an easy and natural decision.

Since training with Animas, Todd has been invited to run a series of workshops at Middlesex University’s Business School, where he combines music and coaching to develop leaders and future leaders as part of the Arts-Based Leadership Development curriculum. In his private coaching practice Todd holds deep person-centred space for clients to explore and fall in love with who they really are. Spirit, heart, shadow, and a courageous journey into wholeness, tend to be the themes and quests that clients come to explore with him.

In the training room, Todd brings all of who he is as a person. His warmth and willingness to be authentic inspires others to open up and feel welcome in the space, whilst his humour, insightfulness, and subject expertise make the themes explored come alive. He loves to witness people flourish, and brings a lifelong passion for learning and development to the modules he trains.

As part of his continued commitment to personal and professional development, Todd is currently completing the EMCC/ICF Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision with the Centre For Coaching Supervision.