Syrona Buchanan-Jones

Head of Marketing

Syrona is our talented and ambitious Head of Marketing. In this role Syrona focuses on refreshing our marketing strategy, creating new ways to connect with our audience and making sure all of our marketing efforts align with our core vision and values.

Syrona has spent many years working within marketing and has a wealth of experience around all things digital, her work has allowed her to coach organisations on their marketing strategies, run talks on digital marketing and help grow successful tech startups on AppSumo.

Her experience working with corporate, creatives and small businesses gives her a unique insight into the world of digital marketing and coming from a coaching background it allows her to understand the needs of the business from a personal perspective.

Other than marketing, Syrona is passionate about travel, having spent most of her formative years living in Spain she is now living the digital nomad lifestyle, and will be based in Mexico for the next few months. Her down time is spent freediving, exploring and planning her next adventure.