Sobia Iqbal

Coach Supervisor

Sobia is passionate about wellbeing, purpose and unlocking hidden potential.

Prior to setting up her coaching practice in 2018, over a decade in the world of business development and project management helped her to forge and nurture her coaching style.

Sobia has trained with Animas in Transformational Coaching, Group Coaching and Facilitation as well as Relationship Coaching. In addition to one-to-one coaching, she employs these techniques within her developmental work with organisations in particular focussing on cultural change, people development and EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) through workshops and training.

She is a keen gardener, mindfulness practitioner and enjoys the performing arts, all of which enrich her coaching approach through metaphors and storytelling.

Sobia thoroughly enjoys working with Animas students to develop their coaching skills through the process of reflective learning and supervision, for the benefit of oneself and others across the globe.