Saira Iqbal

Saira Iqbal

Coach Supervisor

Saira Iqbal is an ICF accredited (ACC) coach, specialising in career coaching. She is passionate about psychology, and how people can achieve their best and be most fulfilled at work. Her background is in business psychology and talent management; having worked in senior corporate roles in talent management, assessment and analytics. Currently she runs her own coaching practice and talent consultancy, working with corporations, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and career starters.

 Work is such a big part of our life and can be a barrier to achieving life satisfaction. Having worked in unfulfilling jobs early on in her career, Saira realised how much of an impact it was having on her day to day. Consequently, Saira carved out a career that suits her values, personality and lifestyle. She feels that anyone can do the same, and as a result live a more purposeful and happier life.

With a love of learning, Saira has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Birmingham and an MSc in Management from LSE. She is currently also pursuing an MSc in Occupational Psychology to gain chartership as a psychologist. She is also qualified in various assessment tools and has undertaken a Group Coaching CPD.

As a coach, Saira enjoys exploring an individual’s unique life and their journey. What brought them to where they are today. She uses a blend of sharp intuition and psychological approach to help individuals tackle their challenges and reach their goals. As a supervisor, Saira gives space and insight to individuals so they can better develop themselves and their coaching skills. Her style blends an analytical mindset with warm compassion to help her clients achieve their goals.

In her spare time, Saira enjoys baking with her two young children, reading on a comfy sofa, and going for a scenic run.