Robert Stephenson

Director of Training & Coaching

As our Director of Training and Coaching, Robert manages and supports our training and mentoring teams across the globe ensuring quality training that serves the needs of our coaches-in-training. With a background that has roots in performance and theatre, Robert’s journey to life coaching, and training, has taken him along a path of varied experience and learning.

Having originally trained as an actor and mime-artist, physical theatre was a big part of Robert’s early work. Specialising in theatre and education within schools, Robert has worked collaboratively with a number of organisations such as Creative Partnerships and A New Direction, where he delivered training alongside Educational Consultant Mathilda Joubert, a collaboration that sparked his initial interest in coaching.

Whilst Robert has an incredibly rich background prior to coaching, working with young people in schools and nurseries, he has also been involved with different aspects of higher education institutions. He has worked on degrees at several universities; running a module in Theatre and Education at Essex University, as well as contributing work to Anglia Ruskin’s Masters in Education and the Arts.

Robert has been on an incredible journey of self-development and consistently expanded both his training and coaching skill set. Initially training as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Robert went on to pass his Diploma in Transformational Coaching. before adding a number of other accredited coach training courses to his toolkit, including David Drake’s Narrative Coaching, and Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching.

Accredited by the ICF, AC, and ILM, Robert is also an iTOL trainer and has transitioned from delivering both the Certificate in Group Coaching and the Certificate in Youth Coaching, which he co-created with Animas Founder Nick Bolton, to becoming a regular trainer on our Diploma in Transformational Coaching course. In fact, Robert trained most of the current Animas trainers when they were studying the course!

A familiar face as the interviewer for the Animas Podcast, Robert has no hesitations speaking publicly, and often presents the Animas lectures, and talks.

In the coaching space Robert loves work around narrative, using the multisensory and multidimensional process of narrative coaching to allow new stories to emerge.

Robert’s decade of coaching experience is one of the many positive elements that he brings to the training space, and in turn the mentoring and supervisory space. Robert has a real understanding around learning, and particularly creative learning and uses this knowledge to help those in whichever space he is in to bring about the answers and reflections for themselves.

Robert’s theatre background allows him to have a real confidence in the both the training space and areas of public speaking with groups of any size. He combines this with his past work around comedy to allow humour to creep into the space on a very gentle level, creating not a performance, but an engagement for his Coaches-in-Training, mentees, clients or coaches that he is supervising. He lets his authenticity, creativity and passion lead his work in both the coaching space and in his all-encompassing role as Director of Training and Coaching.

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