Robert Stephenson


As our CEO, Robert’s burning desire is to ensure Animas provides high-quality training and a learning journey that serves the needs of our coaches-in-training. With a background that has roots in performance, theatre and education, Robert’s journey to the helm of Animas is as varied as it is fascinating.

Having originally trained as an actor and mime-artist, physical theatre was a big part of Robert’s early work. Rob also had a rich involvement in the education space prior to coaching – from working with young people in schools and nurseries, up to teaching on degrees at several universities. Within this, he went down the route of specialising in theatre and education within schools and worked collaboratively with a number of organisations. Examples include Creative Partnerships and A New Direction, where he delivered training alongside Educational Consultant Mathilda Joubert, a collaboration that sparked his initial interest in coaching.

In terms of his career in the coaching world, Robert has been on an incredible journey of self-development and consistently expanded both his training and coaching skill set. Initially training as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Robert went on to pass his Diploma in Transformational Coaching. He has also added a number of other accredited coach training courses to his toolkit, including David Drake’s Narrative Coaching, and Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching. Robert’s more than a decade of coaching experience is one of the many positive elements that he brings to the training space, and in turn the mentoring and supervisory space.

Robert’s true love in coaching is work around narrative, using the multisensory and multi-dimensional process of narrative coaching to allow new stories to emerge within a client’s world!

Accredited by the ICF, AC, and ILM, Robert gradually worked his way up at Animas. He started by delivering specialist CPD courses, including the Certificate in Group Coaching and the Certificate in Youth Coaching, which he co-created with Animas Founder Nick Bolton. He then became a regular trainer on our main Diploma in Transformational Coaching course, after which he became the Director of Training some years later. Finally, with Founder & Chairman Nick Bolton moving onto pastures new and with Rob’s passion, dedication and vision for Animas, he was the natural choice to step into Nick’s shoes as CEO! Another interesting fact –  Robert has trained most of the current Animas trainers when they were studying the course, as well as a good proportion of the rest of the Animas team!

A familiar face to many within the Animas community, Robert has no hesitations speaking publicly, and often presents Animas lectures and talks. You can also see him in action as our main interviewer on the Animas Podcast!

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