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Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris

Business Trainer

Natasha is a trainer on the Kickstart your Coaching Practice workshop, our one day intensive programme offered as part of the Diploma enrolment, designed to provide insight and answers around some of the questions related to the early steps of getting a coaching practice off the ground.

Natasha trained and qualified with Animas in 2012. At the time she was also running a small, local organic veg box business, but at the end of 2015 Natasha decided to dedicate her time to running her practice full time. A huge step, that has proven to be an exciting time, taking her on an unexpected journey, and opening lots of doors along the way.

In her work as a Mindfulness Coach, Natasha supports people to reduce the stresses of daily life by providing an all-around holistic approach to her coaching, often incorporating other disciplines such as Reiki, Meditation, Flower Essence Remedies and Akashic Readings into her sessions.

She is passionate about helping others to have a greater awareness of what's holding them back and to find alternative ways of living in a fast-paced society, which work for them. Through her work, she also supports people to reconnect to their life purpose so that they can reignite their passion and move forward with confidence.

Throughout the Kickstart your Coaching Practice workshop, Natasha shares her experience, including specific challenges and what she's learned in the process of getting her own business up and running.

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