Monica Ruiz

Coach Supervisor

Monica has a unique blend to her coaching approach, bringing together her almost 20 years of experience working with corporations on business– from change management, to strategic consulting – with her mindfulness practice. She works with individuals, groups and corporations offering sessions and delivering workshops, keynotes and trainings both in person and online.

Her coaching and mentoring style is playful, curious and insightful, allowing her clients to connect with their truths and their “inner-knowing” – the capacity to be resilient, resourceful in a conscious and balanced way, for them to pave their way forwards, with confidence and excitement.

Some of her specialisations cover:

  • * Transitions and Navigating uncertainty
  • * Change management, Leadership and Resilience
  • * Mindfulness and wellbeing
  • * Creative thinking
  • * Start-up / SME support with business and marketing.

Monica is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience working with individuals and corporations. She is an award-winning business owner, who has held executive positions (business consulting, change management and strategic marketing) in multinational organisations around the world while developing her own business projects.

A natural communicator, leader and relationship builder with sound experience setting strategy, leading teams, facilitating and developing content, building partnerships, with a unique holistic approach, bringing mindfulness and business together

Monica discovered mindfulness two decades ago while developing her career in a result-driven and high-demanding corporate environment, bringing her a sense of freedom, inner-peace and calmness to her life that has accompanied her ever since.

Besides her coaching practice, she regularly teaches in central London locations and hosts retreats and workshops internationally, offering movement-led practices with other disciplines such as sound therapy, breathwork, meditation and energy healing.

During her career, she has lived and worked in 4 continents and speaks 7 languages. She is currently based in London, United Kingdom. She loves spending time in nature, sharing food with her loved ones over insightful conversation and expanding her horizons through traveling, learning and sharing stories.