Maria Richters

csm Maria Richters

Coach Supervisor

Maria is our Berlin-based Coach Mentor, supporting our students through their client work and learning journey towards becoming a coach. Before gaining her Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas, Maria had a very creative background, working in the fashion industry on her own fashion labels. Whilst in this sector Maria started to notice that she had a real desire to work with people, and in particular working with them in a way that could bring about real positive change.

Before long she found herself looking into life coaching, and felt that same feeling of “rightness” as many do when they land on Animas.

After qualifying as a Transformational Life Coach, Maria spent some time observing and helping to facilitate some of the training modules before joining us as a Coach Mentor.

In the coaching space Maria employs a holistic, playful and intuitive approach with her clients, and in her coaching practice she specialises in existential and identity matters, combining love with art therapy methods and spiritual tools, to enable and facilitate the creative flow of the client. Maria uses this transformational art therapy coaching hybrid to help creative artists of all kinds, to create or reveal their inner masterpiece, wholeheartedly believing that everyone is an individual work of art.

In the mentoring space, Maria connects exceptionally well with people, and finds it very easy to pick create a great rapport and relationship with the mentees. This is what she truly enjoys and this enjoyment enables those being mentored to feel completely comfortable, in turn getting the most from the session. Maria also possesses great intuition, and a good awareness of the space, skills that are key when mentoring.