Laura De Schivanovits

Laura De Schivanovits

Coach Trainer

Laura is an experienced trainer and coach who qualified with Animas in 2018 and has since set up her own Mindset Coaching business. Through her coaching work, Laura empowers people to conquer their inner critic, build their self-belief and create their ideal work life.

Prior to coaching Laura spent a number of years working full time in Learning and Development (within HR) and although she loved (and still loves) this field, she started to feel somewhat dissatisfied with the lack of variety and the prospect of working a 9-5 job for the rest of her life. The dissatisfaction kept cropping up, but the security, comfort and a sense of familiarity kept pushing it back down.

Having looked into coaching a number of years before, Laura decided to revisit coaching and completed an iLM Award in coaching in 2017. Although theoretically useful, Laura felt that the course had not provided her with the practical experience or practise needed to become a coach. She researched different coaching schools and came across Animas. The fit feel right from the very beginning. The authentic, genuine and passionate approach of the Animas presenter during the Introductory day, alongside the practical approach which Animas adopts, inspired Laura to sign up straight away.

During the course Laura was unexpectedly made redundant from her L&D position (a blessing in disguise in hindsight) and had a very serious and tragic event take place in her personal life. It was at this point she decided to make a change by and set up her own coaching business. She soon realised that the common thread in the majority of her sessions was helping people with their Mindset. This is now her coaching niche as she helps people to conquer their inner critic, build their self-belief and create their ideal work life. Laura has also run several of her own Mindset events and has been interviewed by Radio Harrow on the topic of Mindset Coaching.

Alongside coaching, Laura is still involved in the corporate world of Learning and Development and presents the Animas Introductory Day to Transformational Coaching – hoping to inspire others the way she was inspired to join the wonderful world of coaching. She now feels her working life is aligned to her key values, one of which is variety. Embarking on the coaching journey has allowed her, not only to help others, but also to set her life up on her own terms and feel content doing what loves every day.

Laura’s warm, authentic and passionate approach allows people to feel at ease, allowing them to be open and fully present. Laura’s clear communication allows her to confidently deliver in-depth information whilst still making it relatable and interesting for her audience.