Gilberto Nery

Coach Supervisor

Gilberto has a doctor’s degree in civil engineering and worked as a professor, consultant and researcher until he decided to take a sabbatical to invest in self-development and to learn new skills. During this time, he joined the Animas transformational coaching course and fell in love with coaching. The sabbatical became a farewell to engineering and a “hello” to mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology and coaching. His curious and creative mind lit up with all the new knowledge and experiences, making him pursue this new path with passion.

He believes that life is simple, and anyone can be happy. We only need to accept and honour our imperfect and ever-evolving selves. In his sessions, he loves to use metaphors, anecdotes and analogies to explore ideas and uses mindfulness and meditation to access states of the mind that help bring about change.

In addition to offering his experience and insights, Gilberto brings a warm and supportive environment to the reflective practice and supervision groups that nurtures creativity and development. He loves the ideas and experiences shared among the students in each session and feels blessed for being able to learn and walk on his ever-evolving path as well.