Emma Smillie

Emma Smillie

Coach Trainer

Emma is a certified personal transformation coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and business owner. She’s also a recovering self-sufficient, overachieving, people-pleaser who found herself feeling lost and burned out with her identity in crisis just a few years ago.

Passionate about creating environments that facilitate personal growth, healing and transformation.

Business owner of FloLab, a coworking boutique designed for people who wish to combine their wellbeing with their work.

Presenter for Animas Centre of Coaching – one of the UK’s largest life-coach training providers. She facilitates the Introduction to Transformational Coaching Sessions and supports the trainers with facilitating the Diploma course modules.

Prior to coaching Emma trained professionally as a chef, then after some health challenges, she retrained in Health & Safety and stepped on the corporate ladder. 12 years later she found herself burned out and miserable, ready for a change.

In 2017 she became a Scottish ex-pat and moved to New Zealand for a year with her partner. Now she lives in the Netherlands having overcome the dreaded “trailing spouse” experience.

Has a warm, engaging energy and personality that people love to be around. Sharing her passion for personal growth and transformation for Animas is a dream come true to be doing something that feeds that bright energy of hers.

Her coaching style is collaborative, compassionate and challenging. She uses her skills and qualities to gently challenge the status quo and expand possibilities for her clients.

She loves to infuse mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural theory and authentic personal anecdotes and experiences into her work.

She brings strengths of empathy, perception and playfulness to bring lightness to even the darkest of topics.