Crystal Small

crystal small profile

Head of Coach Development

Crystal is our Head of Coach Development and qualified with Animas as a Transformational & Corporate Coach in 2018. With a keen interest in Mental Health Awareness, her love for leading and learning has resulted in a passion for well-being and person-centred development.

Prior to Animas Crystal has a wealth of experience managing customer-focussed and results driven departments for a large and complex government agency. As Head of 3 HR Units she was responsible for the stabilisation and transformation of services from the public to private sector. She also delivers training in which she facilitates poignant and engaging conversations regarding communication approaches, unconscious bias, organisational culture, and wellbeing. Investing time in teaching challenging content in a digestible way continues to sharpen her skills creating clear visual content and presenting with energy to capture the delegates imagination.

Crystal founded Intentional Steps Coaching Practice after leaving her Senior corporate role of ten years. Ready to explore the next chapter of her life and career, she began to seek out opportunities that married her practical business acumen with her solid interest in progressive coaching and training. Within the Animas family she aims to promote a healthy culture of coaching excellence by ensuring dynamic quality training, impactful learning spaces, accessible resources and encouraging best practice within the industry.