Cat Burnett


Head of Events

Cat is our Community and Events Manager, heading up everything from forums on the Business Academy, to educational events and social get-togethers for our fabulous coaches.

A skilled Animas-trained coach herself and coaching supervisor in-training, Cat has first hand experience of the wants, desires, and needs of our community throughout training, qualifying, and beyond. Outside Animas, Cat has created, and facilitates, a number of groups that allow coaches to find a peer group and continue to develop post-training, be that through her book club and bookstagram, or by hosting masterminds with 20-Something coaches.

Additionally, Cat has a breadth of experience of coaching karate teams to levels of international success, fostering a team spirit that allows members to thrive individually but with the full support of the wider system. A third dan, and 3 times world champion in her own right, Cat brings relentless energy to the team (plus we know she’s not one to mess with!).

A detail-led project manager with a full grasp of the big picture, Cat is on a mission to bring a buzz to Animas and everything we do. So watch out for this bubbly and candid addition to the team and stay tuned to see how she revolutionises our events.