Bruna De Palo

Coach Trainer

With over 20 years of experience in corporate and further studies in neuroscience and psychology, I partner with senior leaders to improve their mental habits and expand their thinking, acting and leading capabilities.
By understanding the brain mechanism behind their behaviour, my clients learn to think in more sophisticated ways, dealing with complex scenarios with confidence, self-control and balance.
Known for having a pragmatic, empowering and directive approach, I balance results-based coaching and mentoring to suit the circumstances. Gifted with empathy and an endless reserve of positive energy, I am often dubbed “powerhouse” by clients and colleagues.

A thought-provoking, dynamic speaker carefully mixing solid theory, a healthy sense of humour and brainpower-enhancing techniques, currently working for:

I design, lead, and teach in leadership training programs, and I am a certified executive coach, with a focus on Human Leadership vs Business Leadership. Clients include Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as Visa, Facebook, Warner Bros, Salesforce, Cisco, Capital One, Philip Morris.

Providing 1:1 sessions and masterclasses on career development and career change focusing on fulfilment and aliveness. My step-by-step, science-based career change framework guarantees a smooth transition in just 9 sessions around clarity, confidence, personal branding and action plan.
Currently lecturing in an international business school for an MBA-like program and mentoring coaches to build their practice.

Multilingual (English, Italian), based in London and working virtually across EMEA, US, and China.

Core Skills:

– Leadership & Executive Coaching
– Career Development & Career Change Coaching
– Public Speaking and training on:

Emotional Intelligence | Decision Making | Intuitive Intelligence | Developing Charisma and Executive Presence | Effective Communication | Creative Thinking | Conflict Management | Behavioural Change | Problem Solving | Coaching Skills | Find your purpose | Fulfilment at work

A Co-Active®Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), NLP practitioner, member of the British Neuroscience Association and the International Coaching Federation (and above all a voracious reader and a sharp observer of human behaviour), I am thrilled to connect with like-minded souls and grow together.

Coaching Style
Motivating, supportive, results-based, growth-driven, collaborative, holistic, developmental, transactional, participative.