Our Team

Brinsley Kazak

If you want to explore if coach training is a good next step for you, Brinsley will support you in getting to the heart of the matter. As a Coach Consultant he loves having expansive conversations with prospective students about changing careers, setting up a coaching business and unearthing any blockers you might have. At the end of the day, coach training is not for every one and Brinsley offers a direct and honest space for you to have your questions answered and explore why coaching, why now, why you.

Prior to his career in coaching, Brinsley spent a decade in the world of electronic music as a DJ & promoter. Brinsley’s entrepreneurial spirit was first flexed when he created a club night in his early twenties that went to be one of the most renowned parties and podcast series across Europe.

Always fascinated by human behaviour and personal development, Brinsley found himself drawn to psychology, philosophy and the world of coaching.

Personal development, self awareness and themes such as confidence & personal responsibility are at the heart of his coaching practice. Brinsley is a straight forward coach who loves to support people in exploring how they do life and the space from which they operate from.  With those existential and ontological lenses in mind, his coaching leans into the language, the thinking & the being.

Brinsley also finds himself working with coaches-in-training which can often be a hybrid of coaching and mentoring with the mentoring element focusing on developing as a coach, getting the most out of your training, enrolling your first clients and building your practice.

Outside of Animas you’ll find him hosting men’s groups, developing a campfire coaching practice & exploring the rolling green hills of Somerset with his kids and partner.